Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Things I Have Learned

  1. No matter the situation, I will always have at least one person tell me I was wrong or that I have done it the wrong way.  No matter what, my good intentions will always be perceived as selfish to at least one person. I'm ok with that. If someone else has the time and energy to put into critiquing my every move, I feel sorry for them. Get your own life.
  2. Hugs can stop temper tantrums 90% of the time. Taylor is smack dab in the middle of the terrible twos and has recently become an expert tantrum thrower. I get down to her level, speak in a soft voice, and hold my arms out. Most of the time she crawls right onto my lap and cuddles the bad stuff away. The times it doesn't work, I just walk away. She comes around eventually. Love her!
  3. I will never have had enough sleep. I need to just get used to being tired all the time. It doesn't matter if I go to bed at 9:00 or midnight. I'll still be dragging when my alarm goes off at 5 in the morning.
  4. Starbucks espresso HATES me. One heavenly sip is like swallowing 500 tiny daggers. My stomach turns into a solid, heavy bowling ball. I have switched from my non-fat no-whip mocha and my iced non-fat raspberry latte to an equally delicious yet safer iced coffee caramel non-fat. We get along MUCH better!
  5. I have some pretty wonderful friends. It's nice to know that I have people that I can count on. I've wasted too much time and energy on high-maintenance friendships. If I have to work to be your friend, it's just not worth it. Don't get me wrong, if those people need me, I will be there because that is the type of person I am. BUT, if I am in need of someone, they will not be my go-to. I've been disappointed far too much.


Jenny said...

Good Lessons!
Good Post!

a Good Mom and friend too!

Kelly said...

LOVE it all! Your tip about hugging a tantrum thrower will be used in my home.

Jennifer said...

I use the hugging during a temper tantrum with my husband all the time. :)

Diana Chang said...

saw your older post on and i had to come read your actual blog! great post. i can totally relate to your last lesson. there comes a point in your life where you have to evaluate your relationships and find the value of it or cut your loss.