Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Life: May

April 29-May 5
Jaden celebrated her 5th birthday princess-style!

It's hard to believe my little Miss J is FIVE!!

Taylor got Jaden an umbrella for her birthday. She was able to put it to good use with the spring rain!

My girls get so excited about night gowns :o)

Enjoying the warm weather!

Summertime = Sundresses

She may look sweet and innocent...

Looks can be deceiving! She is an ornery snot!

These girls are FASCINATED with potato bugs!

She partied hard!

May 6-12
Jaden helped pack up all her "friends!"

Even Jude was getting ready for the big move.

Jaden took a gift to her preschool teacher for teacher appreciation week.
We got the printable from Our Life in a Click!

The girls got excited when they spotted Tiana in the newspaper when we were packing!

May 13-19
Jaden drew the animals she wanted to see at the zoo. Can you guess which one this is?

We went to the zoo with Mom & Dad on Mother's Day

I enjoyed spending the day with my family!

Jaden got a kiss from Fishbone the sea lion!

Taylor got to ride on the sky ride for the first time!!

Happy Mother's Day!

The girls had their best buddy spend the day and night with them :o) They enjoyed a day swimming at Cindy's!

My future SNS workers :o)

May 20-26
Taylor tried corn-on-the-cobb for the first time and LOVED it!

Jaden's last day of preschool!

My cutie patooties!

Proud to say that I taught them how to do this funny face!

May 27-June 2
MOVING DAY! Our table was torn apart so we had breakfast on the front steps :o)

Taylor saying goodbye to her bedroom!

Jaden saying goodbye to her old bedroom!

Those wood floors made for a very LOUD goodbye!

See-ya Bolton Drive!!

My friends and I went to the Vintage Indiana Wine Festival!

Mom and Dad had fun, too!

Jax met up with us for dinner after the festival :o)


Tia said...

You have the sweetest little girls. Seriously!

amanda said...

you've been busy!! glad you were able to get away with your girlies for a bit! you deserve a break :-) hope things are settling down for you friend!

Jenny said...

YEAH!! new pictures for my wallpaper!