Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jaden's Royal Birthday Ball - Part 2

In case you missed part one, it is here!  That was when J celebrated her 5th birthday with her friends.  In our family, we do two parties; one with friends and one with family.  This is Jaden's family celebration!

Again, the theme was, "ALL the Princesses!"

Mom and I came up with the invitation.  She cut the castle out on her Cricut.

"From Under the Sea
to high in the sky on a
Magic Carpet Ride,
we invite
The Fairest of Them All
to Be Our Guest at
Jaden's Royal Birthday Ball"

A printable version of the invitation is available in my Etsy store.

My family is pretty big.  When we have birthday parties, I count on feeding around 25 people.  I like to coordinate the food with the party, so Jaden and I did our research (watched a LOT of princess movies and read a TON of princess books!) and found a food that represented each of the ten Disney Princesses! For a printable version of my recipes, click the recipe title link before the pictures!

First was Sleeping Beauty.  This was a tough one, but Jaden ultimately decided that because Princess Aurora pricked her finger on the spinning wheel on her 16th birthday, the birthday cake would be fitting for her!

I made a four-layer (white and chocolate) cake and frosted it with strawberry icing

Princess Mulan brought Chinese Firecrackers to the party!

We had Indian Corn to represent Pocahontas!

This is the best corn casserole recipe ever! I've made it several times since J's party and it's been a huge hit!

Tiana brought her famous Louisiana Soup all the way from the big easy!

We went under the sea to find shrimp cocktail to represent Ariel.

Gramma J made cheeseball mice in honor of Cinderella's friends, Jaq and Gus!

We made an apple salad for Snow White. At Jaden's request, we didn't use poisonous apples!

We twisted bread dough to make Rapunzel's bread braids! (I used Pillsbury breadsticks.)

Jasmine brought some Golden Wafers from her Arabian castle.

Remember the dinner scene in Beauty and the Beast? That's where we got the idea for Belle's Be Our Guest Punch!

Printable versions of the food tents are available in my Etsy store.

Our party guests loved the variety of foods!

This was our last birthday party at our Bolton Drive home.

At each of the girls' birthday parties, we always have a signature photo frame for our guests to sign. This is a great keepsake that can be included in the girls' scrapbooks!

Four generations on my Dad's side.

Jaden received lots of cool gifts!  She appreciated the kindness that her guest showed :o)

Taylor even got a couple of new toys!

Uncle Shane-O got J the Rapunzel wedding ensemble!  She was so excited to wear her "married dress!"

Jaden had a wonderful party!

She is already planning for her sixth birthday!!


I will be linking this party to the linky parties listed below, Disney Family, and Pinterest!
Princess paper dolls were found here.
Invitation and food tent printables are available here.

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Angela said...

I am so glad you have documentation of this. So, ten years from now, when Jaden inevitably says something like, "You've never given me ANYTHING!!" you can pop this right up on to the screen. :)! You throw an amazing princess party, Shan!