Friday, August 24, 2012

30 Things: My DREAM Job

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7. What is your dream job and why?
Totally rocking it out!

If I could be anything, and I mean ANYTHING (because it's a dream job, right?), I would totally be a rock star!  I wouldn't be a crazy blow-snorting, groupie-banging rock star, just your normal, everyday mom rock star... because those totally exist, right?  I would still live in the same house and still do the family thing.  I could spend my days with my family and party on into the nights and the occasional weekend.  I would have purple streaks in my hair and holes in my jeans... wait, I already do :o)

In true rock star fashion, I pulled a Britney...
BUT at least I remembered my undies!

It would be GRAND, I tell ya!  I'd have fans running behind walls and crying real tears after meeting me.... NOT like I'd ever do that, personally!  I'd be totally awesome.  Well, WE would be totally awesome!

Jackie DeShannon LIVE!
I would only be half of a rock star without my partner in crime, Jax!  I can't pull off a good show without my number one gal!  Coming to our shows would be live-changing!  Our fans would go nuts and take pictures with us and put them on mugs to look at while they drink their coffee every single morning... NOT that I'd ever do that, either.  Ah... to be a rock star...


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Jackie said...

We would be the best rock stars ever. Well we should be...we have been training most of our lives for the big stage. Do you think they are ready for us? \\m//(That was supposed to be a rock on hand symbol. Maybe I need to work on that before we hit the road on our first big tour!)

Shannon said...

AHH!! Love it! You should be an emoticons creator, for reals! \\m//

Kristen said...

lol, love this post!

Lora said...

Hanna Montana - mom version! Very cool!