Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Room Pre-Planning

So, since we moved into our house over the summer, we haven't done much to personalize it. Trust me, I have grand ideas, my friends! It's just the whole TIME thing that I can't seem to get enough of. The only thing I've really done to make it ours (besides a little decorating here and there) is paint the kitchen/dining room walls. The previous color was close to burning my retinas so it was considered an emergency. I've purposely not showed you much of the new digs because I'm waiting for the whole before-after shtick... as I'm sure you are, too.  BUT, Black Friday is just two weeks away. Black Friday for most means a day of shopping. For me, it means major home overhaul. This year: THE FAMILY ROOM.

You can kind of see the family room behind my loves in this picture (also the previous dining room color)

Here is another one:

Basically, it is a light green color... kind of similar to a cucumber-lime lotion color. There is wood paneling half-way up the wall. The built-in bookcases are super dark. There are exposed beams on the ceiling and hideous posts that separate the family and dining rooms. On the positive side, the carpet is fairly new and awesome! The furniture (that came with the house), not so awesome.

My plan is to lighten it up significantly! I'm also going to get new furniture and create an awesome (hopefully) DIY piece.  Here are some inspiration pics... In the first picture, I like the neutral tones and different fabrics. I like layering curtains with blinds on the windows. I LOVE the chair!

This one is very neutral and cozy!

The lighter built-ins really make this fireplace stand out! I also like the sofa table and the curtains over the doors.

This one may be my favorite! LOVE the organic feel!

This picture is all about that ottoman! Love it!

Check out these exposed beams... Love it or hate it?

Great furniture choices in this photo.

So, those are my inspiration pictures.  Now, I need a little assistance with my fabric! I am completely torn on which way I want to go!
Britta Fabric by the Yard and Swatch - Graphite Rosalie Fabric by the Yard - Lemoncello Ricarda Fabric by the Yard - Stargazer Britta Fabric by the Yard - SprayWilton Fabric by the Yard and Swatch - Graphite Twirling Fabric by the Yard and Swatch - Crayola

My paint color will be one of these (or similar):

One more question:
Does anyone actually have IKEA's Ektorp Sofa? I've read mixed reviews on it. Mike is 6'3" and people have said it is dwarfy... Also that it is not as comfortable as it looks. Anyone have personal, real-life experience?

Also, anyone want to come over on Black Friday and help me ;o)

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1 comment:

Abbey said... much to say.

first, i will die if you paint over those exposed beams. i LOVE exposed beams.

second, may i recommend 'fresh linen' paint color? i think it's from menards. it's a perfect neutral. took us 5 years to find it. :)

third, i love the first fabric on the right, especially with lighter-colored walls and sofas. mixed with the darker exposed beams....perfection!

fourth, and most importantly....NO EKTORP SOFA! we have the fold-out version, and while the price was right, and the sofa bed is really comfortable, the couch just SUCKS. when we moved to ohio, we bought a grey sectional at macy's home store, and just love it. i would highly recommend macy's. a fantastic selection, great prices, super comfortable, and fast and free delivery. you are seriously more than welcome to come check out our ektorp, and then sit on our sofa from macy's. ;)

can i make this comment any longer? :)