Monday, November 12, 2012

It's November! You know what that means?

It's time to start decorating for the holidays! Why not get some decorations that smell good, too? Through the end of the month, this adorable Scentsy warmer is 10% off!

Holiday Lights Full-Size Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM
Bring the cheer and anticipation of the season home with Holiday Lights, a homey warmer spangled with old-fashioned Christmas bulbs. Each light glows from within when the warmer is lit, contrasting with the deep-red finish.

* * * * *

The scent of the month for November is called Peppermint Dreams. I let Taylor smell my sample and her description, "It smells like Junior Mints!"  You can get this scent in a Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, or Scent Circle, also at 10% off!


* * * * *

There are quite a few holiday warmers in the Holiday Collection this season.



My personal favorite is the Tis the Season warmer:
My girls will love counting down the days until Christmas with this warmer!

* * * * *

There are also a few Plug-In warmers in the holiday collection:


* * * * *

For all of you moms with babies, you definitely need to take advantage of the BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE deal on the Scentsy Buddies! Recently added to the deal, just in time for the holidays, is Pooki the Polar Bear! How adorable is he?!

* * * * *

You can get any of the holiday scents in the Scentsy Bars, Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Scent Paks, and/or Travel Tins!  


* * * * *

Scentsy makes great Christmas gifts for ANYONE!  I'm looking forward to putting a Christmas Cottage Scent Pak underneath the seat of my car. Can you imagine bringing the scent of the holidays into you car ever time you turn your heat on??  

To order, go to my page and click November Online Orders!

I am looking to build a team. If you are interested, please email me! You do not have to live near me to be a part of my Scentsy team.  Let me just say that selling Scentsy has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have been at it for two months and have already made enough to cover our Christmas shopping expenses.  It is not time-consuming at all. There really is not a downside!  

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