Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You can do it!

There are 47 days left in this year; the busiest year of my life!  When I set my resolutions 300-some days ago, I never would have thought anyone would have taken any interest in them.  Now, with mere weeks left, I find myself with quite the "resolution watch" crew!

"What book are you on?"
"How many have you read this year?"
"Did you finish the book you were reading last week?"
"Are you going to make your goal?"

It's funny to me.  You see, I planned my 40 books out perfectly throughout the year. I knew that on November 14th, I would be reading book number 35. Just like I know that on December 14th, I'll be starting book number 39.  After having said that, I do admit that I haven't always been on track. This summer was the busiest time of my life! Insane. I got off track a couple of times but always was able to get back on.

Right now I am reading my way through book number 35.  I have 5½ books to go. I'm totally confidant that I can do it! You can follow my progress here.  I can hear the cheers!  I'm rounding the corner; the race is almost over! There's no stopping now!

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