Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Missed Moment: TRAIN!

Over the summer, I won a radio contest. The radio station was looking for caller number nine.  The winner got to pick their prize out of several.  As luck would have it, I was caller number nine!  This was the first day of the contest and I was the first winner.  I got my choice of prizes... There were smaller prizes such as tickets to the zoo, mini-golf passes, and tickets to the local minor league baseball game.  But, there were also some pretty big prizes!  Tickets to Nickleback, tickets to Colbie Caillet, and tickets to Train!  They didn't even have to read the prizes to me.  I chose the Train tickets!!  I love the band, love the songs... and well, I kinda sorta have a thing for the lead singer :o)  My total prize package included four tickets to the concert, four backstage passes for a meet-and-greet with Pat and the band, one photo pit pass that put me in front of the front row for the first three songs, and a new Canon digital camera!
I headed to Indy with two of my good friends to meet up with my BFF, Jax :o)
We had dinner at the Tin Roof while I got myself prepared to meet HIM!  You see, Pat Monahan is my "one free pass."  You know, the one celebrity that, well... he is him!  Love him :o)  I made sure my girls understood that above all, those three words were NOT to come out of my mouth when I came face to face with my number one celebrity crush!

We waited backstage until I saw those tight jeans and Converse shoes :o)

I got to have a short little chat with Pat between pictures. I told him how much I LOVED HIM appreciated his music and how my duaghters and I love "Hey Soul Sister." He was genuinely a nice guy :o)  Oh yeah, I got to hug all three of them, too!!  Totally fulfilled number 8 on my Life List!

 After meeting them, I totally went behind a wall and cried real tears... Just before security suggested that we head out :o)
It was SO awesome!  After meeting the guys, I got to meet up with the guy from Columbia Records to go up front!  He lead me through the backstage area, hoping for a quick glimpse of the band... didn't happen though.
Now, number 32 on my Life List is "Be in the front row at a concert."  I NEVER dreamed that I would EVER get to be IN FRONT of the front row for my favorite band!  Such a dream come true!  I was standing against the stage for the first three songs.  It was AMAZING!










When the first three songs were over, I went back to join my girls for the rest of the show.  We had awesome seats!  The show was the best ever :o)



Afterwards, we partied like the rock stars we are :o)

It was a great time!  I will forever be grateful to the radio station that, as cheesy as it sounds, made one of my dreams come true!  A-mazing!
I'm pretty sure Pat was just as obsessed with me as I was him... Oh, and if you were wondering, I never did tell him he is my one free pass.  BUT, I may have not been able to contain a rather loud sigh as I was hugging him... ahh... :o)
Next missed moment: BARNEY!

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