Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What could have been horrible was actually pretty ok!

Last weekend, Miss Taylor Max had her first dental visit!  I was a tiny bit worried because sometimes Taylor can be a bit... um... bull-headed.  If she doesn't like something, she is NOT doing it.  Having said that, she is also very into "big-girl" things right now.  Lucky for us, going to the dentist fell into the big-girl category!

I love how they give the kids sunglasses to wear.  Why don't adults get that option??  Maybe it's a BYO type of thing?

Her entire body fit on the back rest part of the chair :o)

She also kept her left hand up and ready to swat away the hygienist if need be :o)

Taylor even took a time-out to tell the hygienist that after we were done, we were going to get a donut.  Once again, I was ratted out by my kid at the dentist.  Over the summer, Jaden told the hygienist that she practiced flossing in bed with her hair.  Pretty sure I'm not thought too highly of at the dentist office.

Taylor had no cavities!  She was pretty excited to get a new Jessie toothbrush and an orange bouncy ball from the treasure chest... again, no treasure chest is offered to adults.  It was a great first experience for all of us!

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Kristen said...

Shannon! She is absolutely beautiful! Glad your first dentist visit was successful! Logan's was so horrible I can't convince myself to take Riley (4yr old) quite yet! I think about you often, hope your family is wonderful!

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