Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's SHANuary!

It's SHANuary 9th and you know what that means... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
At 31, I'm officially "in my 30s."

Last Saturday, we all went to Casa to celebrate!  The girls gave me their presents that they picked out all on their own :o)

The suspense is killing her!

Glittery red nail polish!!

Jaden was SO excited about this present...

She got me a new scarf and explained to me that she knew I would love it because it is red and red is my favorite color!

I do love it :o)  Love her, too!

Next, it was Taylor's turn to give me her gifts.

Orange nail polish!! Taylor knew I would love it because it is her favorite color :o)

She got me a new ring!  Such a sweetie, that Taylor Max :o)  Love her!

The girls helped me blow out my candles on my cake!

It was a fun celebration!  Tonight, we are going to "the chocolate store" (Fort Wayners call it DeBrand) for a birthday dessert after dinner... I'm fixing dead fish.

A birthday text from my mom this morning...
Mom: Happy birthday to you. Happybirthday to you. Happybirthday dear shannon. Happy birthday to you!
Me: Thanks :o)  Going to DeBrand tonight if you want to join!
Mom:  :>
Me: Is that a bird??
Mom: Dont know what it is. first time i typed it was: Fk  haha

Maybe she was wishing me a happy BIRDday??  Whatever... Happy SHANuary 9th!!

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Jenny said...

ok, i was already to respond with awwwww
BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.....sweet girls!!!
love ya....and all that good stuff...
BUT....i get to the end..... had to be me at that moment hahaha....ok, i think i am just making it worse!

less than 3 ya, blove ya, Fk.....where do we go from there???

Jenny said...

the real explanation....wait until you are "IN your 50s" you will understand what it is to search for a tiny little ) on your tiny little keypad! :> kinda like that little guy!

Shannon said...

Still not sure if you are coming tonight... ;o)

Angela said...

Oh noes! I am a crummy friend for missing wishing you a happy birthday!!! I hope this is a fabulous year! It looks like you had a fun time with the fam. I love Casa's! And I can't believe how old the girls look! Kisses and Misses, old lady! xox