Monday, March 25, 2013

71 Projects: Pantry Doors... again

A couple of months ago, I transformed my plain, ordinary pantry doors into a sort of command central station for our home.


I have loved the chalkboards every single day since doing them! As you know, my house is a work in progress. I don't know that it will ever be "done," and I am totally fine with that! I love making it our home and putting my special touches on everything. This kitchen, it will make or break me as a DIY-er.  I have big plans, I tell ya!

After I put the chalkboards onto the pantry doors, I found that I had nowhere to put the chalk.  I also got some chalk pens to use on the calendar. All of these were living in a bowl on top of the fridge. I didn't like it because 1) It just looked out of place, and 2) I wanted the girls to be able to reach the chalk so they can create masterpieces on the garage door. I thought about putting the bowl-o-chalk in the pantry, but space was already limited and the dust... well, it just doesn't mix well in my mind with the food in said pantry. I decided to attach some sort of chalk tray to the front pantry door, under the calendar.  I immediately clicked over to because of their FINTORP Rail.  I had these guys in my old house to hang my pots and pans from.

I do not miss that house.

Anyway, those bars have found a new home in my craft room, so I just bought a new one, along with the FINTORP Condiment Stand to put the chalk in.

I have big plans to repaint my kitchen cabinets some day.  Along with the cabinets, I planned to paint the pantry doors.  I thought it would be smart to get that out of the way before I had the bar put on. Then, I wouldn't have to mess with taking it down or painting around it.  I grabbed my go-to colors from my family room and officially started the Great Kitchen Makeover of 2013.

I LOVE IT.  More than words can say.  My kitchen is a happy place right now... only if you are facing the pantry.

I still haven't started the cabinets, but having the pantry doors done is a start!  There is no turning back now!

Some of the details... The FINTORP Condiment Stand from IKEA worked out great! You can see that there is a removable tray in the bottom with holes in it. This allows the chalk dust to not get piled up in the bottom of the tray.  Also, I love that the bucket is easily removable for cleaning.  The girls can reach it perfectly and have already chalked up the garage door :-)

I plan to have {Chalk} cut from black vinyl to put on the front of the bucket.

I also removed and spray painted the little handle holes.  I had planned on putting knobs on, but I'm glad I decided to just paint what I had.

The paint colors I used in this re-do are Behr Premium Plus Ultra: Gobi Desert (710C-3) for the walls and Parchment Paper (710C-1) for the pantry door and trim.  You can buy Behr paints at Home Depot.

Sharing this re-do with the readers at Adorned From Above and If It's Not Baroque.

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Anonymous said...

With the new colors it looks perfect!!
Cream&black is very nice for a kitchen.

Denise said...

this looks fantastic!