Monday, April 1, 2013

Living Room Pre-Planning

I'm getting ready to start re-designing my living room.  This room is in the front of the house and has a huge window that looks out to the front yard and our street.  When we have the blinds open during the day, this room is very visible to those walking or driving by.

Right Now:
This is Taylor's room. She watches Dora DVDs and has picnic tea parties in this room. We have a futon couch and a recliner in there right now. The TV is not hooked up to cable, only a DVD player.  It is painted yellow.

What I Want:
We are getting a piano similar to this one:

Also, I want to get a new couch.  I have my eye on one, but need to get the measurements to make sure it will fit where I want it.  I also want an accent wall.  I have my heart set on a reclaimed wood wall similar to this:

or this:

I really like how it looks, but am a little worried about the maintenance.  Have any of you put one of these focal points into your house?  I also love that I can marry gray and brown because of the varying tones in the wood.

If I decide not to do a wood wall, I am thinking about a stenciled accent wall like I did in my family room at our old house.

I would do either a light/dark warm gray, or a flat/gloss dark gray/black for the colors. Maybe do the three other walls in the Gobi Desert (tan) that I've used throughout the downstairs, and the accent wall in Manuscript (the gray tone):

Maybe I could do a wood accent art piece?  That would bring both of these colors together.

What are your thoughts?  The couch I am eyeing is gray so I don't want the other three walls to be gray.  Also, I am liking these curtains from IKEA:

Also, Jaden's birthday party is in three weeks. I am kind of on a schedule for this room re-do. Help me out here!

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Jenny said...

I really like the looks of that wood wall...and I am sure you can make it work, but I don't know that I would like it behind a wooden piano? I do LOVE the idea of the stencil, like two tone grays. Like the curtain choice too!

Nic and Abbey said...

your mom has a good point. are you planning to paint the piano at all? we just got a free one from craigslist and i'm planning to paint it.

as for the wall...we've never made a wall like that, but our headboard is made from reclaimed pallets. it took some patience, but was very easy. we ended up staining it darker, but it still shows the 'character' of the wood. no maintenance so far, and it's been around for about a year and survived a move!

Shannon said...

Abbey- My family about had a fit when they learned that i was planning on painting my cabinets. I think I would seriously send any one of them to an early grave if I even thought about painting the piano! :-) No, it is staying the way it is.

Mom- Great point. The woods would definitely not look good next to each other. After some research (aka time-wasting on houzz and indulgy), I think the better plan is to stencil the wall that the piano is going on. Then, opposite that, one column straight down the wall of reclaimed wood. Use the colors shown (with one shade lighter for the stenciling) and get the curtains from IKEA.