Thursday, May 16, 2013

Come visit! Bring wine...

Well, Mike leaves for his golf retreat today... For the next 4 days, I'll be doing the parent thing all alone!  I have big plans to get things done around the house.  I have a birthday cake to make for my cousin's daughter's birthday party.  I would like to get some work done outside.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do all of this without any whining, crying, fighting, or pouting from my two sidekicks!  Is it gonna happen?  Doubt it.  But, I'm going to try my best and hopefully still have a shred of sanity come Sunday evening when he returns :-)

My "Mike's on vacay and I'm insanely jealous so I have to keep myself busy for every single second" To-Do List:

  1. Get my summer clothes into my closet and the winter clothes out.
  2. Put the girls' winter clothes up in the attic.
  3. Re-arrange Jaden's bedroom.
  4. Start and finish the craft project I have been dying to do for like, FOREVER!
  5. Dig up the garden.
  6. Finish editing wedding pics.
  7. Bake Raegan's birthday cake.
  8. Start the entryway re-do.
  9. Feed the cat (I know I'll forget to do this).
  10. Breathe.

Jaden recently made charts for herself and her sister.  The chart looks like a giant staircase that takes up a whole piece of paper.  They live on the fridge and when the girls do something that I feel is chart-worthy, they get to move a little magnet up a step.  If they crywhinepoutfight, they move down a step.  When Taylor gets to the top, she wants to get a new baby that licks an ice cream cone.  When Jaden gets to the top of her steps, she wants to get a new bike.  It's been working wonderfully the past couple of days! "Stop fighting or you'll move down a step!"  Genius.  My goal for the next four days is to have the girls actually be on a higher step than they were when Mike left.  High goals, I tell ya!

Advice?  Suggestions?  My girls are wonderful, but there are two of them, and only one of me! :-)

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