Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making House a Home: Living Room

Well, we are coming up on our one-year anniversary in our house! In our old house, our living room was the only room that was never re-done after moving in. It never felt comfortable and homey.  I was determined to not let this living room be the same way. I want every room in our new home to feel like the next.

Our living room has a huge window. There is a ton of natural light, but it is also very visable from the outside.

This is how our living room looked when we first walked through the house.  Very outlined.

When we moved in, we tossed some furniture in it and it basically became an extension to the playroom.

I decided to use the colors that I used in our family room, plus add in a little warm gray.

We got rid of the old furniture and did a little shopping!

We also inherited a piano from my parents and a chair that was my great-grandfather's and then my Grandma Pat's.  Here is my redo!

I was going back and forth on whether or not to do a reclaimed wood wall. It was originally planned to be on the wall that the piano backed up to. Mom pointed out that the woods would be different and I quickly decided to change plan and to an accent feature instead!  I couldn't be happier with the result. Plus, repurposing Mike's old toybox as a coffee table was perfect. It matches the wood on the wall better than any new coffee table!

To create this piece, I (with lots of help from Dad) ripped apart a few pallets and nailed them to the wall!  Super easy!  Then, I placed a vinyl decal on it and called it a day.  Love the result.


A few details in the decorating that I love...

I used BEHR Premium Plus Ultra paint in the following colors:

I love my new room. I'm not gonna lie... It is still pretty much an extension of the playroom.  Only now, it looks a little nicer :-)

Here is a list of my goodies:
Paint - Home Depot
Pillows - Gordman's
Curtains - IKEA
Loveseat - Macy's
Chalkboard Art -
Rug - IKEA

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Sarah said...

Looks great! I love some of the decorative pieces you added.