Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Apple A Day...

When we moved into our house last summer, we inherited an apple tree. I wasn't very excited about it because growing up, I remember walking down the alley to my best friend's house. There were always those soft, green, apple-like things all over the alley. I don't know if it was the apples or the caged German Shepherd, but that alley smelled awful!  To this day, I pair that smell with those apples (or whatever they were).  So, when we learned of our apple tree, I just knew we'd have that smell in our backyard... yay.

The apple tree became a nuisance.  Mike would have to pick up the fallen apples before he mowed each time.  Although it didn't reek like I had expected, it was still a pain compared to the rest of the trees in our yard.

Dad came over a month or so ago and grabbed a couple of apples off of the tree. He was going to eat them! What?!  I never even considered eating the apples!  I don't know why the thought never crossed my mind. Maybe it was still the stinky apples that I remembered growing up. I know that those (if they even were apples) were not to be eaten.  I was surprised that Dad wanted to eat them.  I told him he could take as many as he wanted... What was I going to do with them??  In the meantime, I continued to buy apples every week at the store.  Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous this sounds.

Last night, I was out back grilling our dinner and I noticed how many apples were on the tree. It amazed me!  Wow! I actually have apples on my apple tree!

I gave the girls a bag and told them to get picking!  We were going to be set for LIFE!

Although small, these apples looked great!


I washed and cut one for Taylor and I to try. It was delicious! A little tart, but very good!  I will not be buying apples from the store this weekend, that's for sure.

We have enough to feed an army! Come on over and fill a bag!  I'm excited to eat fresh apples all fall :-)

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