Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Today is Maxmas! Also known as my Dad's birthday :-)

You read about my dad's recent health issues. Well, after kicking cancer to the curb, celebrating his 60th birthday, AND announcing his retirement, Shane and I decided that we definitely had reason to celebrate!

We decided to celebrate this railroader at the beginning of this month. He has worked hard his entire life, on and off the job. This was his day to relax! Mom, Shane, and I took care of everything in getting the party put together. All Dad had to do was show up!

We all presented him with unique, heart-felt gifts.  First, Jaden read him a note she had written.

Then, she revealed artwork that she and Taylor had made for their Grampa Max.

He loved it, of course :-)


Then, Shane gifted Dad an authentic railroad crossing sign. He also wrote him a very special letter.


I tried to read Dad a letter that I had written... I made it through it, barely!

Then, I revealed a piece of art that Dad has been asking for for almost ten years... A portrait drawing of my mom and himself.

Pretty sure it was worth the wait :-)

You can see me read my letter to my Dad here...

Mom gave him a collage of photos of the whole fam!  All of his favorite people in one frame :-)

We decorated with a railroad theme... fitting for a retiring railroader!  We had a lot of memorabilia from his days on the rails, including his dad's old "grip" and jacket.

We even included a couple pairs of Dad's overalls; the darker ones were a pair he wore when he was at his biggest (not worn long, thank goodness!) and the pair he wore on his last trip.

The invitations (designed by myself) were to mimic a vintage railroad boarding pass.

We served all of Dad's favorite foods!

We even got wings and celery from his FAVORITE wing place, Buffalo Wings & Ribs!

Anyone that knows my dad knows that he is a meat and cheese guy :-)  His rows would have been a lot straighter though!

I was in charge of the desserts.  It was a cupcake smorgasbord!

I also made sure to include chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts.  Dad and I always shared a love for chocolate covered peanuts!


The wings were appreciated by many!  Even Taylor Max scarfed some down :-)

Grandma Pat and Grandpa Wayne, Mom's parents

Lots of family and friends, including some of Dad's railroader buddies stopped in to congratulate Dad!

Dad with his sister, Linda

Dad showing his mom some of the railroad memorabilia he has that belonged
to his Dad, also a late railroad retiree.

Dad with his mom and step-dad, Eleanor and Bob.

Mike and his parents, Ron and Karen

Mary, Jerry (Dad's youngest brother), Mom and Dad

It was a funfilled day!  Congratulations, Dad and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXMAS!!
"Less than 3 ya!"

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