Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Premiere Week: HIMYM

You've been warned. Proceed with caution!

How I Met Your Mother

The premiere of the final season of HIMYM was, for lack of better words, bittersweet.  All summer long I've been waiting to meet the mother after getting that glance in the finale last season.

Throughout the entire series, I've been guessing... Is it her?  Is she the mother? What about HER?  Until he started calling her Aunt Robin, I always thought that Robin was the mother.  Then when I finally saw her, I was SO EXCITED!... and then so sad because I knew that the next season would be it.  Barney burned his playbook and was settling down with Robin, Lily and Marshall had little Marvin, and now, we met the mother. *sniff, sniff, tear*

Last night's episodes were awesome.  It was the perfect beginning to the final season.  It started with everyone en route to Barney and Robin's wedding. Ted was driving Lily (leather driving gloves were definitely a must!), Marshall was with baby Marvin at the airport, ready to board his flight from Minnesota, and Robin and Barney were being driven by Rajit.

Ted was driving Lily nuts with his every stop at each little tourist trap along the way, determined to turn their trip into "Lil and Ted's Excellent Adventure!"  She finally had enough and decided to get off at their next stop and take the train to Farhampton.  "And kids, that is how Lily met your mother."  *sob sob*  

We got to see how one of the gang got along with Her. Thankfully, they seemed to have clicked! I'm excited to see if throughout the season, we get to see Her meet everyone else before meeting Ted :-)  Ted also paused and told the kids about the similarities of he and Her (the driving gloves, for example). What we later found out was that Ted purposely tried to ditch Lily so he could retrieve the LOCKET to give to Robin! Could he be the wildcard guest?!?!  I mean, we know how it eventually ends for HIM, but what about Robin and Barney??

Marshall wasn't having the easiest of times getting to Farhampton.

He found out that his mother posted a picture of him pretending to be a judge with baby Marvin.  If you remember, he accepted a position as a judge in New York and had not told Lily yet because she accepted a position in Italy and was planning on the three of them moving there! He was on his phone, trying to explain to him mom how to take the photo down, "CLICK OPTIONS!" He and the aggravated woman next to him were eventually kicked off of the flight because he refused to turn his phone off so they could take off.  After being kicked off the flight, he and his flight buddy eventually rented a car and decided to carpool to the wedding.

During their drive to the wedding, Robin and Barney were discussing wedding guests that could potentially ruin their wedding. That is when they both discover that they have the same cousin, thanks to Robin being Canadian and Barney being ¼ Canadian!

Thankfully, they found out that they do not share DNA :-)  While discussing who could be the wildcard guests, they NEVER even mentioned the names of any of their friends! I'm already nervous about the wedding...

I have a feeling that this season will be legen...wait for it...dary. (Even though Barney said he no longer needs to wait for it because he has Robin *tear*) I'm excited to see how The Mother meets the rest of the gang and finally, how Ted meets Her.  We kind of know that he is waiting for a train in the rain and that She has a yellow umbrella. We've seen that scene several times.

But, how did they get there?  It will be fun!!


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Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Thanks for the recap. HIMYM is one of my very favorite shows but I never get to watch it :( I really need to make a better effort to watch online this season because this is what I have been waiting for since the beginning!