Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Premiere Week: CASTLE!

You've been warned. Proceed with caution!


If you're a fan, you know that at the end of last season, Castle popped the question. You also know that Beckett was offered a job with the FBI in DC. We were left all summer wondering whether or not she would accept either proposal.

Well, she did! She accepted both Castle's proposal and the job!

Fast forward two months later and Beckett is in DC, working deep with the feds. The first scene shows her going after a gunman with a hostage in an alley and she GETS SHOT four times in the chest!! If you're like me, you gasped and said, "What the heck?!?!"  Obviously she was fine. It turned out to be a training for the FBI. Still, what a way to start the season!

It all kind of fizzled from there. Beckett was working a case and Castle was interested, but because she is FBI now, it was classified and she wasn't able to seek his insight (strike one).  As he always does, Castle found a way to get info and tried to solve the case on his own... with the help of the guys back at the precinct.  Beckett's new partner did NOT like that and demanded that he stop.

Castle ended up being taken hostage by the guy that Kate was looking for. The guy was trying to get out of Castle what the Feds had on him when he all of a sudden dropped dead in the car!  The car crashes and when Kate and her new partner show up, they see that Castle was there.

Fast forward to the end of the show, we find out that the guy that died in the car actually died from an airborne poison that came from the vents in his car... the same car that Castle was in. We find out that Castle only has a day to live (yeah, right).

Personally, I have been waiting all summer for this episode! I absolutely love this show!  What I think makes Castle work, is the chemistry between not only Castle and Beckett, but also the Castle/Beckett/Ryan/Esposito team.  Unfortunately, with Beckett working in DC, we miss out on that in a major way. Slightly disappointed on that part. (strike 2)

With only one strike left, I'm actually hoping for Beckett to either get fired, or leave her job with the FBI so she and Castle (assuming he lives) can go back to New York.  I guess we'll see!

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