Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On the ten year anniversary of this day, I wrote about my experience.  You can read that post here.

This morning, Jaden asked me why there were so many "4th of July flags" on the lawn of a local company. I tried to explain to her what today meant...

"Today is the anniversary of a day when something really bad happened. Twelve years ago, some really bad people flew airplanes into two buildings in New York. This happened a long time ago; before you were even born and before I knew your daddy. People put their flags out to remember that day and to show that they are proud to be Americans."

It's hard to explain it to her in a way that she will understand.

No matter where I am,
no matter what I'm doing,
no matter who I'm with,
I'll always remember that day.
I'll always know that you remember that day.
We will never forget.

To those that have fought and are continuing to do so,

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