Monday, September 9, 2013

Taylor Max is FOUR!

Taylor Max,
Happy birthday, Stink! It's hard to believe that my BABY is already four years old.
Three was a tough year... We battled a lot, especially bedtime. It was hard for all of us.
In fact, as I write this, I'm sitting on your bedroom floor.
Someday we'll get past it and look back on it as another phase that we conqured!

One of the many things that I love about you is your imagination!
You and Maxine are inseperable. I joke that Maxine is my third child because we take her everywhere we go!

When you get in trouble, you blame it on Maxine.
When you see a semi-truck, you tell us Maxine's grandpa is driving.
When we pass the pink house on the way to Garrett, you tell us that is where Maxine's grandma lives.
Everyone that knows you, knows Maxine, too.
They also know that today, like everyday, is Maxine's birthday.
She's probably turning 100 again :-)
Taylor and Maxine.
Maxine and Taylor.
One is never without the other.
You've been taking after your big sis lately and have found a new love in drawing!
You are a creative girl and love to tape and glue.
You are always making pictures for Maxine's birthday party.

Never have I met someone your age that is so particular about shoes and socks!
Even when it is 100 degrees out, you insist on wearing socks and your "school shoes."
You've also worn the bottoms off of a very loved pair of baby wedges :-)
I can't wait until we are the same size... I'll have some pretty great new shoes!

Right now, your favorite foods are raspberries (especially the ones you pick from Grampa Max's garden!), strawberries, grapes, pepperoni dipped in pizza sauce, and Pop-Tarts... especially the sprinkle ones!

You love to play house and school. You are a funny little mama!
I suppose if I ever want to know what I look like as a mom, I just need to watch you play :-)
You also love to be outside and have even learned to pump your legs and swing all by yourself! We are so proud of you!

You have definitely lived up to your nickname, Stink!
You are about as stubborn as they come sometimes.
I know when you get that look in your eyes, you aren't backing down for anything!
Keep that as you grow up. Don't let people push you around. Always know what you want and work hard for it! Never give up!

You make me proud to me your mommy, Taylor. I feel like a kid again when I'm with you.
I know that by having you around, I'll never be short on entertainment.
You look just like your dad and have his sense of humor, as well.

I love you to pieces, Taylor Max!
You may be a stinker, but I wouldn't change you for the world!
Well... except maybe the whole bedtime thing ;-)  But we'll get there!
Love you, Goober Grape! Keep smiling :-)

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Jenny said...

Beautiful!!! Beautiful little girl and beautiful words from a great mommy!! Love ya all!