Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Riverfest Time! Well, it was... back in June.

Our city has lots and lots of festivals. There is literally a different festival every week.  Our favorite is Riverfest!  It is held at the IPFW campus and is geared toward kids and family. There is also a great craft fair that never seems to disappoint when it comes to finding a new, unique ring!

The main attraction of Riverfest (for the itty bitty) this year in the 8000° heat was obviously


The kids used their awesome arm strength to maneuver these boats around the 8" deep pool.  It was totally easier when you had your tongue hanging out...

We then visited the fine arts booth where the girls got to dress up :-)

Side note: See that building in the background? That is where I spent all of my days in college... the Visual Arts building!

We then waited close to an hour for the girls to jump on this contraption.

Totally worth the wait... and again, easier with the tongue hanging out ;-)

We LOVE Riverfest and can't wait for it next summer!!

I'm participating in the Nester's 31 Day Challenge!

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1 comment:

Jenny said...

Riverfest is no more!! I am so sad to hear they will not continue this wonderful festival!! :(