Friday, October 11, 2013

Zoo Day

The zoo opened in April and we finally made it there for the first time in June :-)  It was not busy at all! There was a chance of rain and it had already been raining all week. We love days like that. Having a membership, we can go for as long as we want. If we only get to stay for a little bit, that's ok because we can go back anytime we want to!
The girls were LOVING having all of the time in the world on the ZOO letters!

First up was Africa. You absolutely HAVE to scream when running through the tunnel to Africa.

We did get to go on the sky ride even though it was pretty breezy!

I think the girls like playing in the cars more than they like to see the actual animals :-)

See Bill the lion back there? He gets pretty close to the glass at times!

After leaving Africa, we headed to the rainforest!

Like I said, it had been raining a LOT. Parts of the zoo were closed due to flooding.

We didn't get to go in the gazebo to feed the fish and ducks.  It didn't stop us though!

After the zoo, we went to Steak 'n Shake for a little lunch!  My future SNS servers :-)

It was a fun day :-)
I'm participating in the Nester's 31 Day Challenge!

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