Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Daylight Savings!

I had a great weekend! Friday, we took Jaden to the doctor for her six month check-up. She is 21 lbs. 15 oz. and 29 inches long! She is doing great! Right now, she has a little bit of a cold in her right eye. It's watery and crusty and at times, has green goop coming out of it. The doctor assured us it was only a cold and would go away in a few days. I hate that cold medicine was recalled. People were using it for years to help their little boogers get rid of their little boogers. Now, since the fad of recalling everything humanly possible has hit, I get to watch little slime balls ooze out of my daughter's eye, and stick a nasty booger sucker up her nose as she fights me to no end to get the gross snot wads that have taken residence there. She cries, wouldn't you? So, I give in and let the boogers stay... and wait until she is least expecting it and SUCK! Boogers gone! Other than that, she is doing great! She is getting a lot stronger too. With a little help, she can sit up (from laying down) and pull herself up to stand. I feel that there will be movement very soon!

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. I get my housework done and Miss J tried out Baby Einstein videos a guy from work loaned to me because he SWEARS they will make Jade a genius! I, personally will go mentally insane if I watch them. I had to just turn on the radio and go about my business while they were playing in the family room. She liked them, I guess. She paid as much attention to them as she does to Jack's Big Music Show. Shane came to visit us. We went to eat at Buffalo Wings. YUM :)

Saturday night I decided I want to redo the basement. I am standing my ground on this! I started by completely re-organizing my scrapbook room. Why have I saved every magazine I have ever subscribed to? I am going through everything and throwing away a bunch of crap to make room for Jaden's things she has grown out of. I also pulled all of our computer crap out of the family room area of the basement and put that in the other room. I have not told Mike the extent of my renovations yet... I'm kind of scared.

Sunday was fun. We had brunch with Mom and Shane. After that, we went to Marissa's (Mike's brother's girlfriend's daughter) 4th birthday party. It was good. I mentioned to Kelly that maybe sometime her, Marissa, Jaden, and I should get together.

Sunday evening, we watched our poor Colts lose. Better luck next time guys! I had wing leftovers... YUM! We did laundry last night. When I was putting my clean clothes away, I decided to go through ALL of my clothes and get rid of half of them. In our house, we use the third bedroom as a walk-in closet. It works wonderfully! The only problem is, we will need that room as a bedroom someday (not within the next 9 months though!). There is no way Mike's and my clothes will fit into the closet in our bedroom. I'm doing what I can by getting rid of clothes I never wear. I was in there for two hours sorting through them all! CRAZY! I had to warn Mike of the monsterous pile of clothes in the middle of the room. He doesn't deal well with that sort of thing. I told him that I need to bag them up but I didn't want to wake Jaden so I had to wait. After a couple of deep breaths, he entered the room, quickly turned around with a shocked look on his face (similar to the expression on the mask in Scream), then smiled and gave me a thumbs up! Yeah :) This morning, I went in there to get dressed and I sadly looked at the pile of abandoned clothes. Thoughts of regret kept passing through my head. I might wear that someday!

This morning was WONDERFUL! For the first time ever, I said to myself, "I love daylight savings!" If you look back at a blog of mine on mySpace, you will see that I expressed my disliking for the dumb time change. It worked in my favor this morning. It was actually light out when I left for work! Oh happy day :) I got to work and after a couple of emails and the completion of my sudoku calendar puzzles from the weekend days, I realized that I did not have my coffee mug! My wonderful mug that Miss J and I made TOGETHER was missing!! A quick search lead me to my car where the mug was resting peacefully on top. Woops! You see, I was a bit confused when I got to work today. First of all, the sun threw me off. I swear I checked the clock 587 times in the 15 minutes it takes me to get to work. It just felt like I was late. Then, when I got to work, there was only a couple of cars in the lot. I am usually one of the last to arrive. I thought, "CRAP! Veteran's Day! I'm off today... wait, that's next Monday." Turns out, I was just a little early. See what the sun does to me!

Speaking of sun, remember the sunless tanning lotion I aquired from my previous job? The lotion I wanted to use when I was pregnant but after the advise of a friend, decided against it because I did not want to give birth to oompa-loompas? Well, I'm giving it a try. It's healthier and takes less time than a tanning bed. We'll see... If I start looking like colby-jack cheese, then I will stop.

Well, it's time for my break now :) so I should get back to work! Happy Monday!

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