Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Mouse and a Rat

Wow!  It is really getting cold out! 
So, yesterday I was telling Kathy and Kay about the cute little Tom & Jerry mouse hole in our family room.  We had a mouse in our house last year.  We never actually saw the mouse, rather just remnants of the mouse.  There was insulation coming from a tiny little hole in the wall.  This is a true mouse hole, rounded at the top... like in Tom & Jerry!  Later, we found tiny little hairs in a pile under the highchair.  It looked like someone had emptied their razor there!  We realized that a mouse was probably eaten in that very spot.  So anyway, I was saying how I thought that little hole was kind of cute!  I had never seen anything come out of it so I didn't really think of it as gross.  I just pictured Jerry's little house in there with a matchbox bed and a cute little chair.  Jude and Ty lay by that hole a lot, but then again so did Tom!  Last night, I came to the realization that this tiny little hole is NOT cute.  It is a place of terror induced screams where an escape of death took place.  I got home from work last night and saw Jude sitting in front of that hole.  I didn't think anything of it because like I said, the cats sit there frequently.  I was sitting cozily on the couch watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night when all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a stampede charging at the wall and then a very high pitched SQUEEEEEEAK!!!!  I FROZE!  OH MY GOODNESS, JUDE KILLED A MOUSE!  I couldn't move.  I didn't actually see anything because we have a sectional couch and one side blocked my view.  Still, I couldn't move.  I couldn't breathe.  I reached over for my cell phone and called Mike at work.  I told him what had happened.  He told me to look over there and make sure Jude was ok.  I couldn't.  I was still shocked and terrified by what I had heard.  Then I started getting paranoid that I could smell the mouse.  I KNEW I smelled mouse blood!  I did not want to look and see my precious Jude feasting on a bloody mouse.  Mike convinced me that I HAD to look just to make sure Jude was ok.  He told me I didn't have to clean it up or go near it, just make sure Jude was ok.  So, not wanting my poor Jude to be hurt, I slowly sat up and looked over the top of the couch....... NOTHING!!! Phew!  Jude was still sitting there with every hair on his back standing straight up!  Thank goodness, no bloody mouse!  WAIT!!!  That means... THERE IS A MOUSE IN OUR WALL WAITING TO COME OUT!!!!  Good grief :(  I was on pins and needles the rest of the night.  I went to bed shortly after Mike got home and as I was walking out of the family room, Jude charged at me.  I freaked out and jumped out of his way.  I thought he was charging at a mouse.  Turns out, he just wanted to go to bed with me :)  What a night!  Scary scary!!
Today is election day.  I love election day.  I love politics period.  I will be voting for Tom Henry.  You see, I am a Democrat but generally I try to vote for who I believe has the best views and goals for the city.  I believe that is what a true Democrat does.  Fairness, equality and doing what is best for Fort Wayne is what is most important.  I honestly was planning on voting for Matt Kelty early on because he shared the same views as I about Harrison Square and the Downtown Improvement.  He also wanted to decrease property taxes which is always a good thing.  But, after all of these charges against him, I switched to Tom Henry.  Even though I don't see eye to eye on some of his ideas, I think that overall he is an honest man and would be a good leader for our city.  So, if you haven't voted yet today, please vote for Tom.  He is honest and is not a criminal.
So happy Election Day!  Have a great one and keep warm!

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