Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oh What A Night...

Well, we got to experience Jaden's first cold.  She is completely miserable.  I feel horrible that I can't do anything to help her.  I have slept on the floor in her room for the past couple of nights so I could get up and suck the junk out of her nose.  Last night I was up almost once every hour.  I hope that means that she is starting to get better.  We got a cool mist vaporizer and some saline drops for her nose.  They loosen everything up then I swoop in and suck it all out!  I stayed home from work yesterday so she didn't have to go out in the cold.  Mike is home with her today.  Poor babe :(  I feel so sorry for her...  There is no pain worse than that caused by watching my own child feel bad and know that she is relying on me to make her feel better.  She has been so good though.  I know she feels like crap and could be really cranky and fussy but she is still all smiles!  Hopefully this will all pass quickly and I'll have my old Miss J back!
I got a new office at work!  I love it.  It is nice and quiet.  It has everything I need in one room.  My old office doubled as a conference room and so I got kicked out at times for meetings.  Now, this is all mine and I can do with it as I please!  My name is even on the door :)
Update on my basement progress:  I almost have my scrapbook room completely organized and ready to move the computer stuff in.  I have a TON of magazines that I have saved over the years.  I have Rolling Stone, Cosmo, and Entertainment Weekly.  If anyone wants any, let me know!  I am keeping a few... I like to keep the ones with artists or stars on the front that I like.  If anyone collects magazines with a favorite celebrity on the front, let me know!  I probably have that person!  I'd like to have this whole project completed by the end of November.  With the writer's strike, my shows will probably all be re-runs soon so I'll have some extra time!
That brings me to the Writer's Strike.  How DUMB is that?!?!  You know what a strike is?  It is basically adults pouting.  It's like they are saying, "If you don't give me what I want, I'm not going to work."  I can just picture Tina Fey plopping down on the floor with her arms crossed and her bottom lip out.  You know, these are probably the same people who tell their kids, "Johnny, don't pout.  That is no way to get what you want.  Ok, I'll be back, I have to go march the picket line!"  Hypocrites!
So, Tom Henry won the mayoral race!  I should be mayor.  I think that it is completely unreasonable to have these gas prices going up as they are and not raise employees' wages!  It's called a standard of living, people!  The cost of living goes up, you get paid more.  How unbelievably hard is that to grasp?  I have to pay more to get to work.  I should be making more to balance that out.  Some people are just to busy with putting a baseball stadium in the middle of our downtown to worry about things that really matter.  Anyway, Henry is the best choice next to me and since I didn't run, he is the right person for the job!  Congrats Tom!
Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS EVE THURSDAY!!! (isj)
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