Friday, November 9, 2007

One step forward, Two steps back

Well, I attempted to sleep in my bed last night.  I probably would have slept more if I was on the floor.  Mike is sick now too.  He has a sore throat.  He tossed and turned last night... I want a bigger bed... or perhaps bunk beds?  Jaden was miserable last night, too.  She was up almost every hour again.  Poor thing can't breathe through her nose.  I help as much as I could.  During the day yesterday she seemed as though she was feeling better.  When I got home, her and Mike were asleep on our bed.  After her nap she was happy and wanting to play.  I sat her in her high chair while I fixed dinner and she was perfectly fine.  After dinner, Mike and I watched Ultimate Fighter and she just played and babbled the whole time.  We kept the humidifier on her the whole night but she still got so stuffed up.  I'm taking a half day today to take her to the doctor.  If nothing else, maybe he can get  more snot out than I could.  OH!  Listen to this!  So, every time I stub my toe or hit my elbow on a doorway, Mike makes fun of me to NO END!  Karma hit him last night full throttle!  He stubbed his toe on Jaden's swing and BROKE IT!  I feel bad for him.  Really, I do!  But, I had to make fun of him a little!  "Why did you kick the swing?"  "I didn't kick it, I just hit it as I was walking by it."  "Oh, so it jumped out in front of you?"  I'm telling you, I am the glue that holds my family together.  Without me, they would fall apart!  Knock on wood, I'm probably next...  Anyway, keep my crazy family in your thoughts!  Lets hope for speedy recoveries for them both!

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