Friday, January 18, 2008


I had a very scary dream last night.  First, let me say that my dreams are developed from what I experienced that day; especially in the hours before I go to bed.  Last night though, my dream was a preview on a much smaller scale of what was to happen this morning. 
Last night, I had a dream that I moved back to Garrett.  I took another job at the Library.  They were in the process of getting all new plumbing so the bathrooms were out of order.  For some reason, to go to the bathroom, we had to walk across town to a house next door to my aunt's.  On the way there, I knew a short cut.  As we were walking, this car was speeding toward us.  The people I was with darted out of the way, but I knew the car was going to hit me!  So, to avoid dying, I laid on my back and when the car reached me, I put my legs up and the car kinda ramped off of my legs and flipped through the air.  It came crashing down and busted into a million pieces before eventually blowing up.  Somehow, the people inside survived.  Then, I thought I would go to jail for destroying their car so my co-workers and I decided it was best not to tell anyone it was me.  When we got back to the library, there was a swarm of people there (kind of like on Beauty and the Beast) that were trying to bust the door down to find me.  I told my mom the truth about what happened and she suggested that I go on a trip to clear my head and let the town calm down.  I got on a plane to go to Florida but as soon as the plane took off, it started to crash.  I woke up. 
So, this morning I felt like something bad was going to happen involving a car because of the intensity of my dream.  I was behind a black truck this morning (he had a bumper sticker that read "Kill Hannah").  Driving, was a man with a very plastic-looking face and a black brimmed hat.  All of a sudden, a bunny ran out in front of him.  He hit his brakes but the bunny was running straight down the road instead of across the road.  Then, all I see is this bunny being flattened by this mean black truck!!  He was still moving his legs a little and steam was coming off of his little body.  Ugh... it creeped me out.  Poor little guy!!
On a happier note, IT'S FRIDAY!!!  This weekend is going to be SO cold!  The temperature this morning, 19 degrees, was DOUBLE what the high is for tomorrow!  Wind chills will be WELL below zero.  So, stay warm and enjoy the weekend!!

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