Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it still learning if you get a failing grade?

I'm getting ready for the radio show this Wednesday.  I thought it would be neat to include them in on another part of my Life List.  One of the things I want to learn is how to bake from scratch.  Last night I attempted cinnamon muffins.  A friend suggested muffins since the show is in the morning.  I got four different muffin recipes and am taking a few of each recipe.  The only thing I am questioning is, should I sample them prior to live on the radio?  I know this is a learning experience for me but to truly be a Life List task completed, I need to LEARN to bake.  If the muffins are horrible, I didn't really learn how to bake, did I?  Advice please.  They LOOK amazing!  I'm baking a different kind tonight.  I don't know... what do you think?  Also, I was going to bring them in a Bree Van De Kamp style basket along with some milk and OJ.  Is that a good idea?  I don't want them to get stale but I want them to LOOK really good just in case... I really need some thoughts on this...

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