Friday, April 11, 2008

A lifetime ago...

Sorry to all of my faithful followers for not keeping this blog up to date... SO MUCH has been keeping me from you. I think the last time I wrote, I was talking about getting ready for my radio debut and my baking fiasco :o) Just to let you know, the muffins were terrific!!! I am a very good baker :o) I also had a blast on the radio. Dirk and Jeannette were so friendly. They made me feel at home and I really enjoyed myself. Everyone at work tuned in and enjoyed listening to me. They hooked me up with some gifts as well. I got a WAJI t-shirt and coffee mug, a bouquet of daffodils, and concert tickets to see Josiah Leming! My mom and I went to the Josiah concert and checked another experience off of my life list by sitting front row. We probably would have seen him better if we were back a row or two but still... when would I get another chance to be front row at a concert? Then, when the concert was over, I met Josiah. IT was a lot of fun and I thank WAJI for their generosity!!

Jaden is getting so big! She crawls around like it's nothing. Mike said she made it completely up the basement steps the other day. I am so proud of the progress she is making. It seem as though she learns something new everyday. Last night in the bath, I taught her to nod her head. She has become very good at shaking her head no!! She is also DONE with baby food. She hates it and the only reason we still give her a little occasionally is to get rid of what we have. She absolutely LOVES Nemo pasta with alfredo, cottage cheese, and ham salad. She is such a goober :o) She is pulling herself up to everything now and is walking along the coffee tables. We took her to Fred Toenges to get some good walking shoes. They really do help a lot. I honestly can NOT believe that she will be one in 10 days!! Where did the time go?!?!

Brandi has asked me to design a tattoo for her. It's a really cool design and has an awesome meaning. I want to get another tattoo. I want a little butterfly on my back, just below my neck. I designed it so that the left wing is actually a J. It's really neat! Mike isn't really for it right now but I think I might be able to convince him. After all, I am going to see DMB this summer and I don't think he was really for that... I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!

Have a happy Friday! Luvs ya :o)

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