Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok, I said I had a horror story about a changing station... Mike, Jaden, and I went to eat at Applebee's a week or so ago and as we were finishing dinner, Jaden starts making her poop face :o( I had a cold so I couldn't smell anything but Mike said it was pretty bad so I grabbed her and her diaper and wipes and headed to the bathroom. I laid her down on the changing table and she immediately started screaming. I pulled her pants off and undid her diaper. It didn't look like a lot at first but when I lifted her legs up, I noticed it was going back farther than I thought... in fact, it was completely up her back to her shoulders!!! Of course she was still screaming and wiggling around so it was only making it worse. Speaking of making it worse, I only had THREE WIPES!!! I knew I had to save one to clean up because poop was EVERYWHERE!! It was on my hands, Jaden's feet, her elbow (!?!?), ALL OVER the changing table, the walls, EVERYWHERE! Luckily I couldn't smell a thing or there would've been vomit everywhere too. I hurried as fast as I could. I obviously couldn't get her completely clean because it was all over her clothes. I finally got a new diaper on her and got the clothes back on. I cleaned the changing station up as best as I could (luckily the had changing pads there so I avoided an even bigger mess). Then, I didn't know how on earth I was going to walk my stinky, poopy child back through the restaurant to get Mike. I didn't have my phone so I couldn't call him. The back of Jaden's shirt was COVERED! I hoisted her up on my hip with her back towards me so nobody could see the poop on her shirt. I'm telling you, her shirt was white and it was up to her shoulders! I went to our table as fast as I could and quietly told Mike to get everything and come on! I said that we had to leave IMMEDIATELY!! Luckily we had finished our dinner. Jaden and I darted out the door. Mike came out shortly after us and asked hat the hurry was. I didn't say a word, just turned Jaden around and the look on his face was priceless!! We threw a plastic shopping bag over her car seat and headed home to clean our poor girl up! What an ordeal!!! Now, we get nervous any time she makes that cute little poop face when we are out in public. Ugh... So you see, now that my shows are all over, you get to read about poop!! :o)

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