Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend... Part 2 - The Zoo!

Monday, we took Jaden to the zoo for the first time! She LOVED it! She just babbled the whole time. A lot of the animals were sleeping and a little hidden so it was hard for Jaden to see them. The first one that caught her eye was the orangutan. It was actually up and moving. Her eyes got SO BIG when she saw him (picture 2)! It was too cute!

Of course, we remembered to bring quarters to feed the ducks. The only problem was that the geese kept coming up to us and not letting the ducks near us! Mike and I don't like to feed the geese because sometimes they hiss and snap at us. We like the ducks because they eat out of our hands. We had to settle for geese this time but Miss J didn't seem to mind (picture 3)!!

Usually we skip the farm but I thought there might be a few animals Jaden could see up close. Boy, was I ever right!! She fell in love with the baby calf! I started petting it so she wanted to (picture 5). I picked her up to pet it (picture 6) and she did NOT want to get back in her stroller! She loves animals!!! We didn't go in to see the goats because they don't allow strollers in that area. We thought we would wait until she was a little bigger and could walk on her own.

Besides the fact that our wheel kept falling off the stroller, we had a GREAT time! We can't wait to go back!!

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Krista said...

I'm surprised you made it this long without a "poop" story. Welcome to parenthood. I remember once with Seth we were at a picnic...and a friend was holding Seth (he was like 5 months) I looked down and there was poop all down the ladies leg...and she didn't even know it I just wanted to run away...I felt so bad!

So glad you had such a fun weekend together...the pics of Jaden are adorable! The zoo is an awesome place!

Hope this summer brings many more fun memories with your little doll-baby!