Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Giving BIG

My mom and I recently participated in Majic 95.1's Little Give (like Oprah's Big Give... on a smaller scale).  We, along with four other teams were given $100 on April 25th.  Our goal was to see how far we could stretch the money to give back.  Mom and I chose to give to the organization Kate's Kart, www.kateskart.org.  This experience was seriously, the greatest thing I have ever done for another person.  Krista and Andy Layman lost their 18 month old daughter to heart failure last January.  They decided to honor her memory by providing new books to the kids at Lutheran Hospital.  After hearing their story, we KNEW that we had no other choice than to help them out.  The results were amazing!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped us!  It is truly amazing to see what good people can do!  I still can't believe how generous everyone was!  Here are the results (you can see more about the contestants and their causes at http://waji.com/majicinthemorning.html):
The contestant: Neekol, also known as Taylor Trash of the FW Derby Girls
The cause: Cancer Services of NE Indiana to provide services and supplies for area women with breast cancer
$100 became: $400+ to buy stands for the Bust a Move project which will hopefully raise over $4,000
The contestant: Mrs. Monya Weissert, kindergarten teacher at Arlington Elementary
The cause: Leading their school's effort to make the playground wheelchair accessible
$100 became: $4,015
The contestant: Firefighter, Jeff Sedlmeyer
The cause: FW Firefighter's Museum to support the Learn Not To Burn program
$100 became: $1,819
The contestant: 15-year-old Schuyler, 10-year-old Journey, and their mom
The cause: Boys & Girls Club of FW to bring in more after-school activities for kids
$100 became: $2,800
The contestant: My mom and Me!
The cause: Kate's Kart to provide new books to children in area hospitals
$100 became: $31,383!!!!
Here's the breakdown as of Monday (I returned to an office full of books on Tuesday afternoon):
5,517 children's books, valued at $27,585
monetary donations of $2,771
gift cards valued at $210
other services and donations valued at $817
PLUS a climate controlled storage unit as long as needed from FW Storage!
Thank you specifically to
Canterbury School
Fort Wayne Community Schools
2 time NBA All-Star, Brad Miller
Paint the Town Graphics, Inc.
Mitchell Books
Bisque It Pottery Painting Studio
A Party Apart
Waynedale News
Fort Wayne Storage
AND all of the individuals from the community and surrounding area as far away as Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Jersey, North Carolina, Colorado, and Florida.
THANK YOU!!!  If you still want to help, go to www.kateskart.org to find out how or contact me to get info. 
Here are a few messages we received:
I just wanted to send a quick thank you. I was trying to listen to the radio this morning in the break room and almost missed the start of my first class. I was able to tape the broadcast and just listened to it on my prep. We cannot thank you and your mom enough for all you have done. I am probably bias but Kate was the sweetest little girl ever. She went through so much and was always a joy. It was our goal that when she passed that we not let the joy that Kate brought to us pass with her. Thank you for helping us continue to spread her joy.
Andy Layman (Baby Kate's dad)
My 6 year old daughter recently battled (and has beaten so far) neuroblastoma - a type of cancer found in children.  During the many treatments she enjoyed the books and toys she received by people like you!  It brought a smile to her face when she was at a low points during treatment and after surgeries.  This cause hit home for my wife and I.
Adam Swinford
Athletic Director - Wayne High School
Dear Shannon,
I have been quietly following Kate's blog since late last year.  My son Wilson is 16 months old and has the same heart defect as Kate did.
My husband Mitch and I want to contribute to Kate's Kart for the "Little Give."  What is the best way to do so?  Should we just send you a check?  What is your address?
Please let me know ASAP so we can meet your May 6 deadline.  We live in Ohio.
Thank you.
Amy Anderson Maifeld
I wish I could have sent more. After reading that family’s blog you were right – I was at work and in tears and wished so much that that sweet little angel didn’t have to be so sick. I think you and your mom are the wonderful caring ones! What a worthy cause to raise money for!! I wish you guys SO much success with this project – keep me updated please :-)
** Amanda
Hi Shannon,
I teach with Andy Layman at Whitko Middle School.  I don’t know if it would help you or not but we’re adding a twist to the last dance of the school year.
Admission is $3 or students can bring one new children’s book with $1
The books will be donated to Kate’s Kart.
The dance isn’t until May 16th.  We usually have 250 -300 kids attending. 
Tony Phillips
Hello Shannon. I heard about your project to raise funds/donations for Kate's kart and I'd love to send you a donation. I am one of Kate's former nurses at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St Vincent in Indianapolis. Please let me know where I can send it.
Melissa Hess

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