Friday, May 9, 2008

In Sync

The nurses' objections to McSteamy's trysts lead to the instating of a new "date and tell" policy. Meanwhile news of Burke's latest career achievements force Cristina to face her feelings for her ex, Meredith and Derek admit a veteran soldier into their clinical trial, and Callie turns to Sloan in her time of need.
Oh, what a night!  You'll be happy to know that Jaden's stubborn tooth FINALLY broke through!  She has the beginning of her top right tooth now.  The only downside is the fact that with the tooth came a stuffy, runny nose and watery eyes, which in turn causes what, class?  That's right, SLEEPLESSNESS!  Oh, joy!  We made it through the night.  Mike and I took turns when she woke up every two hours.  BUT, she did stay in her own bed the whole night.  I feel for the girl!  She can't breathe out of her nose so she gets mad and cries.  That only makes her nose stuffier but she doesn't understand that so she just cries harder.  I mixed a little bit of Vick's with some Vaseline and rubbed that on her chest... not sure that it helped.  I tried sucking the snot out with that booger-sucker-thingy but that ticked her off.  So, Mike found some saline drops and tried those.  Still mad and still crying.  We tried driving around with her.  Finally, I just walked the floors holding her (ALL 27 POUNDS!) and started reciting her favorite books (yes, I have them memorized, seriously.).  She soaked my shoulder with snot, drool, and tears, and eventually fell asleep.  I laid her down and grabbed a couple of hours before doing it all over again.  SO much fun and yes, I do want another.
Today is Turn the Town Pink day to support breast cancer.  Did you wear pink?  I did!!

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