Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Well, Jaden proved to me last night that she is a big girl and ready to be DONE with baby food.  After visiting Gramma at the hospital, Mom, Jaden, and I went to Culvers for dinner.  My baby girl ate an entire kids meal; a grilled cheese sandwich, cup of applesauce, and a milk!!  It is SO much easier now that I don't have to ask restaurants to warm up her food.
Gramma's surgery went well yesterday.  She had her kidney removed because a tumor was found on it.  Apparently they got it all and the cancer did not spread at all.  She won't need any further treatment!  We visited her but she was still a little groggy so we are going back tonight.
Now it's my turn... I get to have a delightful little procedure done on September 5th.  A few weeks back I went to the Dr.. for my annual exam and he found some abnormal tissue.  I went back for a biopsy and it showed I had high-grade pre-cancerous tissue on my cervix.  Yuck...  It really freaked me out at first but I'm ok now.  I'm going to Dupont Hospital on September 5th for a Cold Knife Cone procedure.  Basically as I understand it, the Dr.. is going to remove the pre-cancerous tissue from my cervix with a scalpel.  He is hoping for the surrounding tissue to be good so he doesn't have to do it again.  Since technically he is going to remove part of my cervix, the more times this procedure is done, the higher the risks of complications in conceiving.  So, let's hope they get it all the first time around!
We had a great weekend.  Saturday, we went to the legion for Book and Brandi's going-away party.  We had a ton of fun!  Jaden came with us for a little while.  Mom came and picked her up and they got to have a sleep-over (even though they didn't sleep a lot... sorry, mom!). 
Sunday, I went to brunch with Mom and Jaden while Mike mowed the lawn.  After Miss J's nap, we went to the zoo!  Any time we go to the zoo is fun!  Jaden loved watching the orangutans again.  She also really likes the sea lions. 
Well, that's about it!  Oh!  I will need a new landscaper... the boy that was going to do it can't now so if ANYONE is interested, I am in DESPERATE need!

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Krista said...

hey there...I'm so glad your grandma's surgery went well...I was thinking of you all yesterday.

And as far as your procedure...I'm sure it will go great!!!

Looking forward to Friday...