Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawn Boy

Well, I have a gardener now!  Let's hope he doesn't use the same technique as Jill and Rob in the Pajama Diaries strip above (no, it's still not in the paper but this was one of my "archived" strips)!  A kid from work said he would do it.  I am seriously embarrassed about how horrible I let it get.  Some of the thistles and grass in the non-flower beds around the patio are knee-high!  I was half tempted to weed-whack them before he came over, but his mom (a co-worker of mine) assured me that he would be fine.  I didn't buy mulch yet because I figured I would see how it looked when I got home first.  But, yikes!  It's an "O-Zone Action Day"... I hope he doesn't over-heat!
I desperately tried to win Dave Matthews Band tickets this morning on the radio but I didn't know the answer to the trivia question!  I know the answer every time there is a prize I don't want...  You see, I've gone to the DMB concert every summer since 1999.  Never once have I missed.  Even that one summer when they skipped Indiana on the tour, Shane and I went with my PU friends down to Virginia Beach to see the show.  This year, I'm on the fence.  I don't know if I want to go yet.  If I were to WIN tickets, I would go in a heartbeat!  I just don't know if I want to spend $40 on a ticket then another $40+ on gas to get there and back.  I WANT to go, but I feel like I shouldn't... I don't know if it is my thing anymore... I'm sure Shane and Ashley will call me at some point so I can hear one of my favorites!  Ugh... to go or not to go...

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