Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

With summertime comes cool treats! Jaden has learned that she LOVES popsicles! In fact, she loves them SO much that her redheaded temper decided that she would fight me when I tried to HELP her push the popsicle out of the plastic wrapper! We both, along with the stove and floor, ended up in a sticky blue mess... oh well, we're all washable!! After our treat, we took a wagon ride. Oh, the joys of summer!

I love going to the dentist! I love the feel of a dentist-clean mouth. I really liked the dentist I used to go to, but his office is not an Anthem provider so I had to switch. Last night, I went to the dentist Mike has been going to all his life. It was an interesting experience! The office was very... um, old. The waiting room had wood paneling and the cabinets in the room I got my teeth cleaned in looked like antiques. There were tooth fairy teddy bears hanging from the ceiling and dentist Barbies on the shelf (the Barbies were at least 20 years old!) The cleaning went ok... a little rough. I went to the receptionist to schedule my next appointment and at my old dentist, I got a printout receipt. At this dentist, the lady gathered a couple of papers, put carbon between them, attached them to some kind of binder, and WROTE in the cost! There was NO computer there at all! I REALLY hope Dr. Corey decides to be an Anthem provider... preferably before my next appointment in January.

Are gutters the new window box? It seem as though everywhere you look you see some house with a little garden growing out of the gutter. Now, I may be wrong, but shouldn't you clean that out?? I personally don't like the looks of a garden-lined roof, but some may! SPEAKING of gardens... I did not inherit my Gramma Pat's green thumb, unfortunately. Mike and I are talking about putting our house up for sale SOON and my flower beds look horrible. I can NOT seem to keep weeds out of them. There are no flowers because I can not keep them alive. I would like someone to help me get my landscaping looking half-way decent. I just want all of the weeds out and some fresh mulch laid down. We really want to sell our house fast and so I want the outside to look as good as the inside. Any volunteers? I'm dead serious! I can't pay you for your time but I will buy all supplies and even grill you dinner! I am desperate!! Any week night or weekend day works for me... HELP!

Jaden is getting so big! I noticed last night in the bath that her legs are getting really long! Also, she is wanting to walk everywhere instead of crawl. She is saying more words and best of CLOSED-MOUTH KISSES!!! Yea Miss J!! She is such a sweetie :o)

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Gramma J said...

Those popsicle pictures are just too cute!!!
Next time I bet she has her popsicle outside!