Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pictures from the Smith Wedding

The entire wedding party at the rehearsal dinner!
Row 1: Mike (usher), Paul (usher), & Nix (usher)
Row 2: Sean (groom) & Dannielle (bride)
Row 3: Jackie (PA bridesmaid), Ryan (PA groomsman), Michelle (PA bridesmaid), me (bridesmaid), Melissa (maid of honor), Maura (PA bridesmaid, Sean's sister), & Ben (PA groomsman, Sean's brother-in-law)
Row 4: Jon (PA groomsman), Chris (PA groomsman, Sean's uncle), Amy (PA bridesmaid, Sean's aunt), Micah (best man, Sean's brother), Brandi (bridesmaid, Dannielle's sister-in-law), & Book (groomsman, Dannielle's brother)

Mike and me in the limo on our way to the reception.
The Usher Dance (yes, they had a dance for the ushers!)
The bride and groom on their way to the Hilton!

It was a really fun night! I'll post more pictures later.

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