Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Morning" Sickness?

Well, I can't say for sure what it was that took over my body last night. I seriously felt like someone had reached their arm down my throat and was pulling my insides out through my mouth. Mom thinks it might be "morning" sickness at night. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the flu because I didn't FEEL sick. I had a temp of 99.7 but that was right after a dry-heaving spell so I'm sure my body was a little over-worked. Plus, isn't it true that pregnant people have slightly higher temperatures? All I can say is THANK GOD it all happened at night and not at work! I started to feel a little nauseous around 5:30 but thought it was just hunger pangs. I got a pizza for Jaden and myself but couldn't eat but a couple of bites. We got home and I crashed on the couch while she played for a little bit and watched some cartoons. She woke me up when the scary part came on in Word Girl, so I turned the TV off and made a run for the bathroom. Usually I let Jaden come into the bathroom with me but I shut and locked the door. She was calling my name and knocking on the door the whole time I was puking my brains out. Poor girl had no clue what was going on. When I came out, it was like she knew something was wrong. She went in her room and got her paci, blankie, book, and PJs all by herself. Then she turned her night lights on and said, "night night, maw." I changed her into her PJs and read a story. She didn't fuss or give me a hard time at all. Usually she likes to play hide & seek and gets really wound up at bedtime. Then, in the middle of the story, Jude starts throwing up in the hallway!! Jaden was really worried about him! She was pointing and saying, "uh-oh Jude!" I got her into bed and cleaned up Jude's mess... only to go make another one of my own. It was a HORRIBLE night!

Valentine's Day was a lot of fun this year! Mike and I wanted to make it more about Jaden. She and I made M&M cookies that morning. When Mike got home, we gave her some Valentine's gifts, went to dinner at Bandido's, and then took her to the mall to play. She had a blast! All of that playing wore her out! She slept for 13 HOURS that night!! Enjoy this short little video :o)

I think the "nesting" phase has started early. I'm working my butt off at home to get things organized in order to make room for baby. I cleaned out what used to be my scrapbook room and turned that into storage. Then, I took 5 18 gallon tubs of Jaden's old clothes and put them in space bags. (Thanks for the idea, Krista!) Look at the picture below! I can't believe how much room was saved!!

Speaking of baby... it's about the size of a kumquat now :o) I don't think I've ever really seen a kumquat! I have my first OB appointment on Thursday. We are hoping it's not to early to hear a heartbeat. Everyone asks me if I want a boy or girl. I don't think that I "want" one more than the other. I loved growing up with my little brother, but always wanted a sister too. I am kinda starting to think it is one over the other... not sure why, just have a feeling. We've talked about names a little bit. We have a boy name DEFINITELY. I just can't make up my mind on a girl name. Any suggestions? What girl names do you like? Help us choose one :o) Leave me a comment with your favorite ones (sorry Dad, Maxine is not an option)!


Max Teders said...

My girl name suggestion is the same as last time: Mc Kenzie Mc Clure, or E (mc squared). How about Analise (anna lease) or Leona (mom's middle name) or Marti, Martina (sound it out) or Margaret (not Margie, Maggie or Marge). Also good is Mary Maxine, Maxie May or Stephamax.

Gramma J said...

Ok, you know I have to throw this out there agaiin. If I had had my way, you would be "Blair" so I have to throw that name out there. Or how about Ella? Archer?

Laura said...

I love your dad's suggestion...McKenzie McClure. You could call her Kenzie for short. Or how about Tootie? or Jo? or Natalie?

Laura said...

How about Jaxon McClure?

Tabitha said...

How about Jasmine Mc Clure?