Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a GREAT Easter! Here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday's festivities...

Easter egg hunt at home:
"BUSTER M&Ms!!!"

Her Easter Basket!

Counting her new cars!

"Bucket Head!"

Next stop, Gramma Ina's!!

LOTS of chocolate eggs!!

She was SO excited about her new golf clubs!!
So was Daddy :o)
On to Gramma Pat's house!!
More Pez candy from Uncle Shane-O!!

She had another fun egg hunt thanks to Gramma J, Grampa Max, and Uncle Shane :o)

A George keychain!!

Enjoying her new George book and other goodies...
Counting her loot! Then we celebrated Trent's birthday. It was actually on Saturday. Since Jaden and Devin also have April birthdays, Trent let them help blow out the candles!
It was a really great weekend! I got a lot done around the house too. I'll be able to post pics of the baby room VERY soon!!
Next on the calendar is Jaden's birthday party on Sunday... Still have lots to do!!


Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful day! We did too! Her dress looks SO cute. Marissa wore hers, too! Looking forward to Sunday! Let me know if you need help.

Dollface said...

Sugar rush for the little one!!! hahaha..... xxxoooo

Lulu's lala said...

Oh my gosh so many great pictures! That is one lucky little girl!!! Good luck with the birthday party! I can't wait to see the fun that's had!