Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are You CURIOUS About Who Just Turned 2?

It's Jaden Claire, that's who!!

We had a wonderful time at her birthday party! She was so excited to wake up from her nap to see the house all decked out in George decor... by the way, now that she is older and wiser, she has started calling him Curious George :o) Here are a few pics from her party!

I didn't make the big cake, but I DID make these cupcakes!! VERY yummy!

A book from Gramma Karen and Grampa Ron.
An Arthur coloring and sticker book from Aunt Linda and Uncle Denny.

"I wonder what this could be... maybe Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers and 4 Pez candy dispensers from Uncle Shane???"
A Nursery Rhymes book from Gramma Pat and Grampa Wayne.

New books from Ashley.

A Keebler cookbook from Gramma J and Grampa Max.

Books from Mom and Dad.

A keyboard from Mom and Dad.

Dominoes from Dereck and Devin.

Art supplies from Uncle Matt, Kelly, and Marissa.

Pretty new dresses from Tabitha and Trenton.


A new car from Gramma Karen and Grampa Ron!! Now, Jaden expects another new car in about 14 years :o)

Wait, what is THIS?!?!

A kitchen from Gramma J and Grampa Max!!

Cake time!

Taking a break from party time...

Gramma J, Jaden, and Marissa playing Jaden's new game (from Cindy and Steve).


Dollface said...

omg look at all the amazing photos!! She looks so cute in her red dress. I love this... good post!! Happy birthday little dolly! xxoo

a H.I.T. said...

She is too cute for words! Looks like she had an amazing birthday :)

Kelly said...

We had a blast!! You have one more year before chaos REALLY kicks in with her temper... =) Believe me, it's not terrible twos, though they have some attitude, it's the 3's that make you want to go crazy!

Tia said...

She MADE OUT! Holy cow! What a lucky girl! I didn't know her bday was so close to Ellie's. Neat! Looks like a fun party! Looking forward to my surprise in the mail! Yours will be coming in the next few weeks too, but don't get too excited...

amanda bee said...

Oh my goodness! How much fun did you guys have?!? I can't believe your little Miss J is two! All your decorations looks lovely :-)

Lulu's lala said...

That dress is the best! Such a lucky lady. Just wait--she'll look back at all this swag in 10 years and say, "Um....hello! Why don't I make out like this anymore?!?!?!" Or maybe that's just me from age 12 on.....