Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Holy cow! April is halfway over already! (Did you get your taxes done, Dad?) I can't believe how fast this month is going. I was just looking at my calendar for the coming weeks and I am swamped! Tonight after a quick post-work Wal-Mart stop (I've found that the Wal-Mart at Jefferson Pointe is less trashy. Don't get me wrong, you still have your toothless wonders floating around in their ripped sweat pants and Nascar shirts, but the hardwood floors kind of give it a nicer touch!) to find big-girl curtains for J's room, I'm headed home for a big birthday celebration!! No, we didn't move Jaden's party... today is Ty's birthday!! We have a fun celebration complete with kitty birthday cake. Nobody is left out in the McClure house!

I have another OB appointment tomorrow afternoon. I really think they have the due date wrong. I am feeling her kick and squirm so much! I didn't feel Jaden until 20 weeks, and even though I'm already 18.5 weeks along, I've been feeling this little one for a couple of weeks now. What was is Shane said on Easter? Oh yeah! He said he would completely shave his goatee if I would have the baby before September 1st. He doesn't want to share his birthday month :o)

Saturday is a busy, busy day getting ready for Jaden's birthday party! We have major housework to do. I've been getting a lot of stuff done after work this week. I got the furniture moved in Taylor's room last night. Tonight, I hope to get a little more decorating done. As far as painting goes, I just have a second coat to trim on the door and the closet to paint. I am dreading the closet... any volunteers?? I am SO close to being done though! You will be so surprised! It is NOT anything you would picture a baby's room to be :o)

Sunday is party day!! Jaden will have so much fun! She LOVES presents so she should be a little more in to it this year. PLUS, I know a couple of gifts she is getting and will LOVE!! I think Gram & Gramps on both sides really hit the nail on the head this year!

Monday is Jaden's actual birthday. Mike and I both took a vacation day from work to do something really special with her. We HOPE to go to the zoo... (No rain! No rain! No rain!!!) Does anyone have a rainy day fun thing we could do as a back-up? We do have a zoo membership so even if it was just a little drizzly and we could only do the indoor exhibits, we might be ok. It's not like our money would be wasted, you know? Do you think I could get J to carry an umbrella?

Wednesday, J goes for her two year check-up. The doc will probably wonder why we haven't enrolled her in kindergarten when he sees how big she has gotten! I swear she is the size of a 4-year-old!

Thursday night we have Marissa's spring program at school. I'm really looking forward to this! I love going to kids' programs :o) I still remember singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy in my fourth grade concert. I can't wait for Jaden's concerts!

Next Saturday is our monthly Scrappin' the Night Away party! I haven't really been in the mood to scrap at the past couple parties, but I am ready to go this time! I want to stay caught up on Jaden's 2-year book and then go back and fill in the blanks of her 1-year book when I have time.

Next Sunday, we are visiting the lake for the last time :o( Ron and Karen's cottage on Wawasee sold in less than 24 hours! When they told us they were listing it, we figured with the way the housing market is going, we'd have at least half the summer to hang out there. As luck would have it, they listed it last Friday afternoon and accepted an offer the very next morning. So, we get to have one last hurrah there on the 26th. We'll laugh, cry, and maybe even try out the torture chamber one last time... Last summer was so much fun with Jaden on the boat. I'm so glad I took millions of pictures and will have those memories for her forever.

THEN, April 29th through May 3rd is what, ladies?!?! THE VERA BRADLEY OUTLET SALE!! I'm decorating Jaden's room in Raspberry Fizz colors, so I will be in search of anything fun and cute in that pattern for her. Oh, and a few new handbags for me! OH! I'll also need a new VB diaper bag too! I forgot, I need to find a cover for my iPod! I wonder if they'll have zip-around wallets this year? Not that I'll have anything left to put in it after the show though ;o) It's SO worth it though! I'm a hard workin' lady... I deserve a few fast trips up and down the many aisles of brightly colored quilted fabric! I could count it as exercise since I'm practically running :o) I really want to take Jaden because I feel that she needs to be exposed to this kind of thing at a VERY early age, but I think I am going to pass this time. I took her to the past two sales and frankly, she slowed me down a little! I KNOW! I'll get a VB leash and start training with her, running up and down the street in a harness so she will be set and ready to go come the October sale ;o) The day I set her loose in the coliseum and she meets me with a fuller pink garbage bag than I have will be a proud day for Maw!

I hope you all enjoy the last couple of weeks of April showers! Let's hope they really do bring May flowers... and some stinkin' sunshine!!


Gramma J said...

I volunteer Mike to do the closet!!!

I think Jaden will have plenty of time to get the retail exposure ;) Taylor needs to "feel" the excitement this time! (I also think I should get some credit for the exposure I gave you...keep the CHARGE tradition going!)

Maybe you should try Science Central for a rainy day birthday. She will love the bubble area....take an extra shirt!

Dollface said...

omg... youre so busy!!! happy birthday to the little one..... and oooo a sale!! love it.. xxoo

Kelly said...

Shan - LOVE this BLOG!! You're SO busy! Make sure you let me know when you plan to hit the sale. I want a few things myself. We could do a mom-date out of it.
I can't wait to see the final product of the room. Sorry I couldn't help. After this week, life should be back to normal.

fuzbukt said...

Hmmmm... time out!

Wal-Mart ...toothless wonders... NASCAR T-shirts?

NASCAR T-shirts?????

*checking naughty/nice cookie list*

P.S. Pass the word to your dad:


Max Teders said...

It sure is nice that you have kept your sense of humor through your busy times. Of course, you are getting to the size where the word "jolly" is often applied... ;o)