Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's GAME Time!

What's a birthday party without games?? Let's just see how well you know me! The first person to comment with ALL of the correct answers wins a prize*! If you are a regular blog reader of mine, you should have no problem at all. Ok, here we go!

  1. Why did I once refer to myself as Lois from Family Guy?

  2. What meaning does the class of 1993 have to me?

  3. What was the best birthday gift I got last year?

  4. The "million dollar find of the day" was what?

  5. Who was our "unplanned baby"?

  6. What day of the week to I regularly refer to as "Christmas Eve"?

  7. What was unique about the day T was born?

  8. I won the second grade spelling bee with what word?

  9. The "First Big Purchase" was what?

  10. Who do I proudly share my birthday with?

Ready? Set? Go! Winner will be announced later so keep guessing!!

*If nobody gets all of the answers correct, the person with the most correct wins.


Gramma J said...

I am playing fair, I know 3 of them for sure.
I guess I will go blog surfing and see what I can come up with.

amanda bee said...

i don't know you as well as i should! i'm going to have to guess on alot of these!

1. maybe it's the haircut? she's got a short little doo

2. was that the year you graduated from 6th grade and went into jr/sr high school??

3.finding out you were pregnant with miss t?

4. an amazing vera bradley find at the big sale they have every year?

5. miss j

6. wednesday, b/c it's the night before grey's?

7. i have no idea on this one!

8. again, i have no idea... maybe mississippi??

9. a car??

10. your cousin?

happy birthday ladycakes!!!

Gramma J said...

ok, i got them all! but i will refrain from giving away the answers.
Not too bad Amanda, I say you have 2.5
Carmella did pretty good too!

Elizabeth said...

Ok...I can't figure out one of them. I remember reading about it, but I've been looking forever and I can't find it.

1.Jaden was trying to “off you” like Stewie tries to “off” Lois. Specifically, she scratched your eye.
2.The Saved by the Bell kids and the 90210 kids graduated high school that year, but you like 90210 best.
3.You found out you were pregnant with Taylor.
4.A Vera Bradley bag
7.It was 09/09/09
9.A slide that Jaden bought at a garage sale for $6.00.
10.Dave Matthews

There's my best attempt, but I know your mom's got me beat. :-)

Gramma J said...

Nice job Elizabeth! I knew you would be in on this....Shannon, you remember how competative she is, right?

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

That's right I am. And since I am, I haven't stopped looking for answers. If a correction is allowed...

6. should be Thursday

Lala said...

I feel like a faithful blog follower, but I can't answer many of these at all!