Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wasted Away Again In Margaritaville!

Man, all of those dips made me thirsty! You? Considering this is a virtual party and as Jimmy Buffett once said, "It's 5:00 somewhere," I'm serving up the margaritas, old lady style*!

Corona Beer
Diet Sierra Mist (you can use regular if you prefer)
Frozen Limeade

1. Pour all of the above into a pitcher. YES, I really did pour mine into a gallon milk jug... kinda trashy, I know. BUT, in my defense, I was taking it to a party and the last time I took the ingredients to a party, they didn't have a pitcher so we had to mix them in the blender pitcher.

2. STIR... DO NOT try to make these margaritas in the blender! Carbonation does NOT like to be blended!!

3. Serve over ice and sprinkle with salt! YUM!!

In true birthday party fashion, comment for another giveaway!

*These will always be known as the old lady margaritas because Mike's mom gave us the recipe after having spent some time in Florida drinking them by the pool with Gramma Ina and her gal pals!


Jackie said...

I love these! Remember the last time we had these together... bon fire, stolen campfire wood and good friends!?!?

Elizabeth said...

Margaritas are my favorite drink! I will definitely have to give these a try! Thanks for the new recipe.

Pat said...

I gotta pass this one on to Gramma Ina ... thanks anyway and cheers to you today.

Stephanie Rodriguez said...

Those look awesome! Going to try soon. :) Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Gramma J said...

Bring that gallon tomorrow for your birthday dinner!

Tia said...

I want one!

Lala said...

mmmmm. Health month prevents me from partaking (I'm a horrible party guest, I know...), but you best believe I'll be whipping this up NEXT month!