Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day Celebrations

I know I'm a little late getting Mother's Day pictures posted, but I actually had one more celebration this past weekend! 

I got to sleep in on Mother's Day and even though sleeping in to us is only 8:00 a.m., I was very thankful to Mike for giving me this special treat :o)  The night before, I told Mike I was excited about breakfast in bed on Sunday and he replied, "Why would you get back in bed after fixing us cinnamon rolls?"  So, after the girls came in and woke me up, I fixed them all cinnamon rolls... and didn't get back in bed to eat them :o)

The girls and Mike got me some pretty nice gifts!  I got a gift certificate for a massage at First Impressions (!!!), Season 1 of Big Bang Theory on DVD and an original work of art by my talented Jaden :o)

Then, we stopped at Mike's parents' house so the girls could give Karen a Mother's Day surprise before heading to Garrett to spend the day with my family.  There, the girls surprised me with beautiful painted pieces they had done!!  (See the work in progress here.)

Jaden painted me a mug with "rainboats" and an octagon (peace sign)!  She knows how much I love my morning coffee and knew it would be the perfect gift for me :o)

 Taylor painted me a pencil holder for my desk at work.  It was her first piece of painted pottery!  She also (with Gramma J's help) made a handprint plate to go with the one J got me for my first Mother's Day.  They look very cute hanging together in my kitchen!

Then, the girls gave Gramma J a scrapbook of pictures of the two of them to add to her collection.  I think she loved receiving it almost as much as Jaden loved giving it!  I swear, I have the most thoughtful three-year-old on the planet!
After gifts, we had a yummy kabob-ish dinner with beef, chicken, shrimp, and a bunch of grilled veggies.  I made some parmesan roasted potatoes to go with it, and we topped it off with some strawberry shortcake!  A perfect day :o)  (Check out Mom's blog here for dinner pics!)

 Last Saturday, I hosted my 2nd Annual Mom's Night Out to celebrate my mom friends!

We started the night with an awesome Italian dinner at Casa Grille.  It was fun getting together with a group of girls that don't know each other very well, if at all, and seeing them talk and really get to know each other!
Left to right: Michelle, Ashley, Leanne, Audrey, Sara, Erin, and Abby

After dinner, we went to Bisque It for some pottery painting, dessert, wine and more conversation!

Look at the awesome things we painted!  I'm anxious to see how the look ater they've been fired!
It was a great night... Thanks for the fun, girls!!


Dollface said...

You look fabulous!!! I love these pics, xxxoo

DREW'S MOM said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day. Love the mug =)

Shannon said...

Thanks!! (squared!)