Friday, October 1, 2010

Run Forrest, Run!

Last weekend, Gramps, Steve, Mom, Dad, and I did the Fort4Fitness 4-mile walk/run.

There were a LOT of people!!

It was a pretty easy walk.  A lot of it was up hill though!  It ended at Parkview Field.

Here we are entering the stadium.

Check out all of the people at the finish line!

You can see us on the jumbotron... I'm in the lower left corner taking a picture of myself :o)

Making good time and feeling great... better than 'ol green behind me :o)
Doesn't this pic make you want to sing the Smurfs
song?  "Laa laa la-la la la..."

Gramps running to the finish line!

Mom and I running at the end. 
See, we're having fun!

Way to go, Dad!!

You're almost there, Steve!
 Our finishing time was 59:43
We did it!

The whole fam (plus a slow lady in white) crossing the finish line together!
It was a lot of fun!  Congrats, guys... we did a good job :o)


Kristen said...

that's a great time for walking 4 miles! You look great girl... I absolutely love doing runs like this!

fuzbukt said...

Who's the scarecrow wearing 5562?