Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Month in Review

March has sucked. As you remember, I posted a list about what we've been up to... well, I'd unfortunately like to add to that list and just recap our month :o)

February 25 - I missed work due to a sever cold and fever.
March 4 - Taylor has a high fever.
March 10 - I miss work due to the flu.
March 14 - Jaden has the flu. She missed daycare and I missed work.
March 15 - Mike has the flu and is home from work.
March 19 - Jaden gets treated for Pink-Eye.
March 21 - Taylor has a high fever. She had to leave daycare early and I took her to the doctor.
March 22 - Mike is home sick again. Has a HORRIBLE cough.
March 26 - My throat starts to feel tight.
March 27 - Jaden is hacking up phlegm like it's her job.
March 28 - I'm home sick AGAIN with a fever topping out at 103.8 degrees F!
March 28 - Mike has a sharp pain in his chest.
March 29 - Mike goes to the doctor for a chest x-ray and finds out he cracked a rib coughing!
March 30 - Treating BOTH girls for Pink-Eye.

Also, Mike and I have been up almost every hour in the night with Taylor up until this past Sunday. We have officially banned the use of our large mixing bowl for anything food related.  This bowl has become the puke bowl. 

This month, I have caught vomit in a bowl, in my hands, had it sprayed across my feet, stepped in it, and cleaned it out of countless sheets and clothes.

We have disinfected almost every object in our household. We have washed every sheet and blanket. We have new towels, wash cloths, bedding, and toothbrushes.

We have filled three prescriptions and have had three doctor visits.

Mike and I have planned a mini-vacation. We need a break from all of this.  We HAVE to get out of town and get away from everything for one night. I'm hoping that when that day comes, we will both be 100% again and able to enjoy our 24 hours away.

Sorry to complain so much, but geez!  Can't we catch a break??  I'm hoping that April brings good health... We have a full month planned so we NEED to be healthy!

Oh, and I failed to mention that Gramma J is down and out with a bum back and Gramma Ina got Pink-Eye.  Also, Jude (the cat) decided that now would be a great time to start vomiting in the night... ugh!


Life, Crafts and Whatever said...

Dislike! Here's hoping that you have a less stressful (and sick) April!

Chris said...

OH my gosh! What a month you have had! I hope April is 1000% better. :)

Drew's Mom said...

Oh wow... sounds like you guys sure do need a break! hope everyone feels better soon, and that you get to enjoy your well deserved vacation!

amanda said...

oh sweet girl! i hope, hope, hope april brings NOTHING but healthy happy days and lots of sunshine. xoxo

Kristen said...

oh yuck girl! Pink eye sucks... I swear when my kids get it we have little bottles of hand sanitizer all over the house and everyone uses it non stop! Good luck! Hope you're feeling better in time for your mini-vacay!

Llama said...

Im 100% with you girl! Seriously March was just the worst! Bye bye March! April please bring my friend and I some happier times! :)