Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fun: The LIE is revealed!

How well do you know me?
  1. I took dance classes all through elementary school.  TRUE!
  2. I played the flute in high school band.
  3. I collect coins.  TRUE!
  4. I have had a job since I was 15 years old.  TRUE!
The lie is that I played the flute in high school band!  I know what you are thinking, "She is WAY too cool to have been a band geek!  I KNEW that one was a lie!"  Right? 

I did not play the flute.

I played the sax and I was AWESOME ;o)


We had a small band but we had fun!



I'm the one with the blue neck strap.

I marched all four years of high school.


I even took it a step further and took private lessons from a really great teacher for seven years.  He helped me become the youngest soloist to go to state at my high school.





As a junior, I received a near-perfect score at the state solo competition!


I even got a letter from the mayor of Garrett!  I rocked, I tell ya!

When I went to Purdue, I tried marching with their band... not too fun.  It was basically like nerd boot camp and 1. I'm no nerd, and 2. I don't do any sort of physical work that resembles exercise in any way (except wunning).

To be honest, I have only got my saxophones (alto and soprano) out a couple of times since graduating high school.  Maybe some day I'll get them out again and record a video for you!

Congratulations Amanda, Lala, and Dawnisha!  You all guessed correctly :o)  If I don't have your email address yet, send it to lifeonpurpose{at}rocketmail{dot}com so I can send you a little prize! 

Thanks for playing and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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amanda said...

AH! I knew it!! :-) But I guess I had a little inside information! You were my inspiration to play the sax too. Flute might have been a little easier to carry around, but the sax is so much cooler. I think a video is a must miss. Pretty please!

Max Teders said...

Ah, and you have the humility to not even mention that you had a soprano sax solo during your senior marching program! I sure would love to hear a little more sax now and then!

Lala said...

I love hearing about your accomplishments! I am positive you are too humble to share them all, but I am also positive there are many that you have. I can't believe I guessed it correctly! Wish you were road-tripping with me right now. xo