Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Girl Bed!

She's growing up fast!  Taylor turns 2 tomorrow... Where has the time gone?  We had her party on Sunday.  Mike and I got her a big girl bed for her birthday!

The original plan was to keep the crib in her room with the twin bed just in case she wouldn't stay in her new bed, so we moved the crib across the room to make a space for her new bed!

It wasn't long before we realized that both beds would not fit with all of Taylor's toys.  So, out goes the crib!  Jaden jumped in and helped strip the bedding!

Taylor got in for one last time!

Seriously, I really can't believe there is no longer a crib in our house.

We got her new bedding on and her reading light hung on the wall.  She loved it!

Taylor has her own big girl room now!

She has taken well to her new bed!  She woke up a few times the first night, but since then, she has slept great!  Oh, and she learned a new trick very quickly...

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Lora said...

What a big girl sleeping in a bed instead of crib. I like her walls - very pretty.

Cecilia said...

How sweet in the video!!! :)

Kristen said...

she is so sweet! Love the bedding, really love your paint job! You're so talented! It's sad how fast the time goes by, Riley will be 3 in just 3 weeks, makes me so sad!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor Max!!! Love ya bunches!! Gramma J