Friday, April 13, 2012

Brainstorming Session!

Alright bloggers!  I'm feeling the need to organize, so obviously I've come to you for help!  I have a bunch of "ideas" that I've printed off over the years.  They are all stacked in a tub where I can not get to them easily.  In hopes of moving soon, I want to get these ideas organized!  My Household Organizational Binder pages have been hugely successful, so I want to create something along that line to help organize craft ideas.  Welcome to my...
Should it be:

  • Binder?
  • File Box?
  • Both?
Things to include:
  • Printed ideas from blogs, Pinterest, etc.
  • Ideas pulled from magazines
  • Paint chips
  • Fabric swatches
Possible sections:
  • Home decorating
    • Sub-sections for different rooms
  • Party planning
    • Sub-sections for themes/party types
  • Sewing
  • Paper Crafting
  • Re-purposing
  • Holidays
  • Food Crafts
  • For the Kids

Comment below and let me know what you would like to see added.  If I were to make printable pages like in my HOB printables, what types of pages would interest you as a crafter?  The purpose of this is to keep ideas in a central location to allow easy access.  Pinterest is great!  I absolutely LOVE it.  BUT, do you know how many Pinterest ideas I have actually made?  Neither do I.  Sometimes I even double-pin ideas because I forgot that I pinned them the first time!  I want this organizational tool to be a hard copy of Pinterest.  I want to print the actual photo or idea so when I'm feeling crafty, I can go to my binder/box, pull an idea, and go create.  

For each craft, I should probably include a "title page" of some sort.  Included on the title page would be:
  • Photo of finished project
  • Materials needed
  • Notes/tips
  • Approximate cost?
  • Approximate time?

Let me know your thoughts!  When I have it completely finished, I'll give away a few copies  :o)

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Autumn said...

This is BRILLIANT Shannon! Thinking the cute "scrapbooking" look for the pages - yet you still have a place to put the pic, materials list, etc. Love the idea of the cost and time estimate! Those are huge things when it comes to being busy mommas! Good luck with it! As always, just love reading the blog!