Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shanterest: Easy French Tips

Day 3: Easy French Tips

When I saw this pin, I knew it was meant for me! I love to switch it up a bit when it comes to painting my nails.  Maybe it's the rock star in me ;o)

Although the original idea looked fun, I thought it would look better with two colors! 

Now, forgive the mess that is my nails. I obviously painted them the Wet Cement color a few days ago, but what better way to cover up bummed up tips?!

First, use reinforcement labels to create your French tip line.

I wasn't completely sold on this idea right from the start because the arch of the label did not match the cut of my stubby nails.

Next, I painted the tips with the Fig color.

I even had the awesome idea of painting the middle circle on the thumb! High hopes on this little project and......

The labels pulled the bottom layer of polish off!

That's ok, right? I can just touch up the base color...

No.  Didn't even work a little.  The labels left a gooey mess on my nails.  Maybe because, 1) They were permanent, and 2) They were OLD.  Probably not good things.

I'm not gonna give up though!  I'll try it the boring way some other time :o)

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1 comment:

Abbey said...

haha! this is the way some of my pinterest projects turn out, too.

i like the color combo, tho!